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RAM® Glossary of Terms

The glossary of terms page is intended to provide you with definitions for custom words, directly used and related to the RAM website.

Ball size reference, letter preceding number:

Mount or base of aluminum construction
Mount or base of composite construction
When included in RAP part numbers, this stands for “snap link”
Snap link base or system, hard composite ball and socket, not rubber
Accommodates or has B size ball
9/16” diameter rubber ball
1” diameter rubber ball
1 ½” diameter rubber ball
2 ¼” diameter rubber ball mount kit or component
Vehicle Console, pertaining to RAM Mount Vehicle Console Systems
Vehicle Base
Complete Vehicle Mount System
Accommodates A size ball, B length arm or system
Accommodates B size ball, A length arm or system
Accommodates B size ball, standard length arm or system
Accommodates B size ball, C length arm or system
Accommodates C size ball, B length arm or system
Accommodates C size ball, D length arm or system
Accommodates D size ball, D length arm or system
Accommodates D size ball, C length arm or system
Accommodates D size ball, E length arm or system
Accommodates E size ball, E length arm
Accommodates E size ball, D length arm

RAM Double Socket Arm Lengths

Product Number
Overall Length
Socket-To-Socket Length
2 7/16"
1 3/4"
3 11/16"
2 7/8"
5 3/16"
3 1/2"
2 1/4"
5 5/8"
2 1/4"
9 1/8"
8 3/4"
5 1/16"
3 3/16"
8 3/8"
6 9/16"
12 7/8"
11 3/16"
7 1/4"
4 3/8"
12 5/8"
9 7/8"

RAM Prefix Code

The prefix RAM indicates the product is made of metal. RAM uses marine grade aluminum, and when the environment demands it: steel. All RAM series products are powder coated.

RAP Prefix Code

The prefix RAP indicates the product is made of composite plastic. RAP products use our own blend of plastic and other additives to create a strong but light weight alternative to the aluminum components.

RAM Ball Sizes

RAM Balls are injection molded onto a marine grade aluminum post. RAM uses nitrile rubber and other additives to create a strong and resilient connection to the double socket arms.

A size ball 0.56" diameter ball
B size ball 1" diameter ball
C size ball 1.5" diameter ball
D size ball 2.25" diameter ball
E size ball 3.38" diameter ball

RAM Balls

RAM Cradles and Holders

RAM device cradles and mounts come in 4 styles.

The RAM form-fit cradle is the perfect mounting accessory providing lightweight, smooth placement and removal of your device. Available for Apple iPad®, Samsung Galaxy® and Amazon Kindle® devices, the Form-Fit features the patented EZ-Roll’R™design that allows the top of your device to easily roll and lock into place. A great low-profile, reliable tablet holder for all of your on-the-go needs.

RAM® X-Grip® phone holders feature a four leg design that offers impressive holding power without hiding your cell phone behind foam pads and plastic. Simple to open and close, the spring loaded RAM® X-Grip® leaves the outside edge of your phone almost completely free of annoying obstructions. Soft rubber fingers apply just enough force to keep your device in place.

The RAM Tab-Tite™ cradle is a spring-loaded, quick release holder designed for easy loading and unloading of your tablet. Interchangeable cup ends provide a near custom fit and replacement cup ends are available as you change devices. One of our most popular tablet holders, the Tab-Tite™ keeps your device secure in the most rugged environments in almost any application.

Spring-Loaded cell phone holders feature high strength composite and a spring loaded design. The phone mount contains adjustable side clamps and spring-loaded hooks that expand and contract tightly around your device providing ultimate security. Appropriate for a wide variety of devices, your cell phone will be safe in the most rugged environments.

Getting It Right

When ordering a RAM mount system or additional components, it's important that you understand the part number system. To help you understand the part number format used, we are providing the following example. It is four different sizes of a basic RAM mounting system including the corresponding arm, round base with ball. 

Note: The C size 1 .5" ball does not have a letter C following the RAM- prefix code, while all other sizes do require a letter. 
Important: Be careful to make sure you have the letter in the proper location of the part number so you order the correct size system or component. If in any doubt, please contact us.

RAM-D-101 & RAM-D-202 have 2.25" balls (D size)
RAM-101 & RAM-202 have 1.5" balls (C size)
RAM-B-101 & RAM-B-202 have 1" balls (B size)
RAM-A-102 & RAM-A-238 have 9/16" balls (A size)


Weight Capacities

A size 9/16" ball mount for units up to .25kg weight (approx .5 lbs)
B size 1" ball mount for units up to 2.25kg weight (approx 5 lbs)
C size 1.5" ball mount for units up to 4.5kg weight (approx 10 lbs)
D size 2.25" ball mount for units up to 6.75kg weight (approx 15 lbs)
E size 3.38" ball mount for units up to 9kg weight (approx 20 lbs)

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