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RAM® Tough-Wedge

Take advantage of the unused space between your vehicle’s seats and the center console – or the pockets located on the back of your front seats – with the RAM® Tough-Wedge. An ideal mounting solution for phones, the RAM® Tough-Wedge includes a diamond adapter containing the industry-standard AMPS hole pattern so you can attach a variety of RAM® holders and cradles.



The unique design of the RAM® Tough-Wedge allows for quick installation and removal without any modification to your vehicle. For the best fit possible, the optional expansion pouch is available to create an even firmer hold.

Phone Mounts

Keep your phone in a convenient location and at a convenient viewing angle with the RAM® Tough-Wedge. Paired with the popular RAM® X-Grip® phone cradle, this is an excellent low-profile mounting solution. Double ball mounting options and the RAM® Snap-Link adapter allow for near-infinite adjustability, allowing you to position your RAM® X-Grip® exactly where you want it.

Expansion Pouch Accessory

This expansion pouch for the RAM® Tough-Wedge is an innovative accessory designed to wedge your mount more securely into the gap between the seat and console. This pouch fits into the foam bag of the RAM® Tough-Wedge and is inflated to conform to the seat gap, adding the necessary stability to create a rock solid mounting system for your vehicle.

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