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Console Mounting Solutions

RAM® Tough-Box™

Constructed of high strength composite, steel, and marine grade aluminum; materials are meticulously chosen to ensure long product life and exceptional performance. Another key feature is the incorporation of molded parts to create the tightest of seams and the elimination of sharp corners or edges.

Keeping in mind the safety of the vehicle occupants and ease of use and installation, these consoles are crafted to meet and exceed expectations. The RAM® Tough-Box™ consoles set the bar for an industry standard. No fleet should consider upfitting their fleet with anything less than the best, RAM®.

Tough-Box™ Features

  • No Sharp Edges
  • Molded Faceplates with Tongue & Groove Details
  • Configurable Console with Different Lengths
Build your Console Solution + Consult an Expert

Complete Kits

The following kits below consist of the proper leg kit, top plate, console box and faceplate configuration for your vehicle. Once your kit has been ordered, a RAM® Tough-Box™ expert will contact you to verify your order and assist with further support.

How To Build A Console

Step 1. Select a Leg Kit
Select the leg kit that matches the Year/Make/Model of your vehicle. Most leg kits are designed with a No-Drill™ Feature, but there are also universal leg kits available that can be drilled into any floorboard.

Step 2. Select your Faceplates
Select the Make & Model of your radio to determine the correct faceplate. You can select any number of radios. For every faceplate you add, be mindful of the overall length of each faceplate. These lengths will be used to determine which size console box to select in Step 3.

Example: “FP3” = 3” Faceplate. “FP4” = 4” Faceplate.

When finished, add up the total length of all your faceplates.

Step 3. Select your Console Box
Select a console box that is large enough to fit all of your faceplates selected in Step 2. It is ok if the box has extra room.

GIF showing steps to build a Tough-Box™ Console

Standard Console Box:
Every Console Box part number contains a number that indicates the overall length of the box. The inside gap of the console box will always be 2” less than the overall length.

Standard Console Box Overall Length Faceplate Space Available
RAM-VC-9 9" 7"
RAM-VC-13 13" 11"
RAM-VC-17 17" 15"
RAM-VC-21 21" 19"

Angled Console Box:

Every Angled Console Box has the same basic design: Two sections of 9” faceplate space (18” Total). The angled 9” section is commonly used for supporting radios, and the flat 9” section is commonly used for accessory pockets and cup holders (more details in Step 5).

Diagram of Tough-Box™ Angled Multi Length Console Dimensions

Step 4. Select your Top Plate
If you selected a Standard Console Box in Step 3, you may select the 23” or 29” Top Plate. If you selected an Angled Console Box in Step 3, the only compatible top plate is the 29”.

Step 5. Select Filler Plates
Subtract your Console Boxes’ Faceplate space (Step 3) from the total length of faceplates (Step 2). The remaining number will be the length needed in filler plates & accessories to complete your Console Box.

-If you have no remaining space, skip this step.
-If you have an Angled Console Box, be mindful of the two independent 9” spaces. A 4” gap could be 2” on the flat section and 2” on the angled section

Step 6. Select Accessories

Standard & Angled Boxes

Built with a mixture of high-strength composite and steel components, the RAM Tough-Box™ is 30% lighter than other aftermarket console boxes, while its durability is backed with a lifetime warranty. The frames of each box are designed to reinforce the overall strength, and are rounded at the edges to provide comfort inside your vehicle.

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Leg Kits & Top Plates

Police, fire, and rescue vehicles are well represented in the RAM™ leg kit line-up. Most are available in a No-Drill™ option, installation is straightforward and once completed, you'll have a rock solid platform for all your RAM® products! The RAM® top plates are built tough and ready for the demands of the mobile professional. Installers will love the simple yet rugged design and ease of installation.

Faceplates & Fillers

Die cast and cut to your specifications, RAM® faceplates are simply the best faceplates available. The lightweight yet strong design is ideally suited to the most demanding of applicaitoins. THe innovative tongue and groove feature keeps the inside of the console free of contaminants as well as provides a rock solid system once installed into the RAM® Tough-Box™ Console. Also, faceplates make use of the patented RAM® Twist-Lock™ feature which can be loosened to quickly and easily service electronics or swap out old devices.


Knockout hole patterns and cigarette adapters allow the RAM® Tough-Box™ to serve your specific needs for adding any accessories along the sides of the console. From flashlight holders to mic clips, arm rests to powered hubs, RAM® offers the ability to customize the perfect console solution and create your ultimate mobile workstation.

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Consult with an Expert

We take a consultative approach with our customers, and when it comes to console equipment we want to make sure you are equipped with the best mounting options. Submit your contact information and a product specialist will contact you to review your needs and work with you to build your complete console system specific to your operation.

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