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RAM® Stubby

With a durable composite shell and flexible support fins, the RAM® Stubby is a portable and versatile mounting solution for your vehicle’s cup holders. The B Size RAM® rubber ball allows for maximum adjustability so you can achieve the perfect viewing angle of your phone or tablet.



It may be small and inconspicuous, but the RAM® Stubby cup holder base packs in the features. Made of durable high-strength composites, this base is sure to last. The flexible support fins can be trimmed to ensure a great fit with your cup holder. And by utilizing the RAM® ball and socket system, the RAM® Stubby dampens vibration on the roughest roads.

Phone Mounts

For anyone looking for an alternative to windshield and dash phone mounts, the RAM® Stubby is an excellent mounting solution. Compatible with the popular RAM® X-Grip® phone cradle, secure your phone even if it’s in a case or sleeve.

Tablet Mounts

Together with the RAM® X-Grip® cradle, the RAM® Stubby is an excellent 7”-8” tablet mounting solution. Featuring the RAM® double ball and socket system, easily adjust the angle of your device and dampen vibration from the road to help extend the life of your tablet.

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