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RAM® Lil Buddy

Minimalist in design yet incredibly useful is the RAM® Lil Buddy mount. Using an adhesive disk, put the RAM® Lil Buddy practically anywhere you want to keep your device easy to see and always within reach. Designed with a small footprint, finding a mounting location on your dash or console is easy.


Universal Mount

Utilize any RAM® Snap-Link ball mount with the RAM® Lil Buddy. This universal mount allows you to swap out cradles and holders, so you can upgrade phones or switch to mounting a GPS device without having to buy an entirely new mounting system.

Phone Mounts

Use the RAM® Pod HD as a horizontal or vertical flat surface vehicle mount. With the ability to adjust its angle, this mount compensates for varying floorboard angles in a variety of vehicles. For an optimal viewing angle the solid steel post can be cut in size, and the RAM® Pod accommodates right or left hand orientation for versatility during installation.

GPS Mounts

When it comes to mounting navigation devices, the RAM® Lil Buddy is your best friend. Pair it with any RAM® form-fit GPS holder to create a clean, secure, and low-profile vehicle mount.

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