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RAM’s success depends on our network of partners across the globe. Our dealers, distributors and installers provide localized services to our customers to ensure your satisfaction matches the performance of our products. OEM partners including device and hardware manufacturers rely on RAM Mounts to support the operation of their products and serve as testament to RAM quality. In addition to our OEM network, some of the best in the business, from driving, fishing, off-roading and kayaking use RAM Mounts to help them gain an edge over their competition.

To establish a Reseller, Distributor, OEM or Corporate account please follow these steps:

1) Download and review our Authorized Partner Agreement and related Company Policies (collectively, the “Agreement”). The Agreement applies to you and your activities as an Authorized Partner, and may be updated from time to time without notice to you by posting on the RAM web site www.rammount.com.

2) Provide a copy of your resale tax certificate. This does not apply to customers outside the US or, if sales tax is not applicable in your state, please submit a copy of your business license.

3) Please complete the Authorized Partner Application form to ensure that we have all of your relevant contact information.

4) Please review all RAM policies, including the Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) Policy, which is strictly enforced.

5) To activate your account with us, please submit all required forms along with your first order to [email protected] Submitted orders must be in the form of a Purchase Order with a unique purchase order number.

6) Once you have been approved as an Authorized Partner to purchase NPI products and would like to begin ordering online, please submit the Online Portal Form.

Special Notes
* To establish Net 30 billing, please submit a Credit Application.
* For international customers we only accept credit card payment or wire transfer in advance.
* We cannot approve you as an Authorized Partner unless you fully complete the above steps.

RAM Mount Sales Support
Phone: 1-800-497-7479
Email: [email protected]

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