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RAM ROD® JR Fishing Rod Holder with RAM® Track-Node™ Base

Part# RAP-434-PA-411

Patent Pending



The RAM® Track-Node™ is a ratcheting, highly adjustable track base designed to accommodate both fishing rod holders and the RAM® Tough-Pole™ action camera mount. This kit includes the RAM® Track-Node™ base, RAM ROD® ratchet attachment, 8” extension arm, and RAM ROD® JR fishing rod holder. To prevent any side-to-side movement on the track, a fixed washer is included so the RAM® Track-Node™ base can be securely tightened. With a quick twist of the knob, easily swing the RAM ROD® JR rod holder in and out of your vessel. To install, simply slide the RAM® Track-Node™ base into your track mount system thanks to the connected T-Bolt and turn the circular knob to tighten in place. Loosen the circular knob for 360-degree rotation.The RAM® Track-Node™ is compatible with all versions of the RAM® Tough-Track™ and most third-party track mount systems. The RAM ROD® Jr Fishing Rod Holder, compatible with both spinning and casting reels, is specifically designed for light-duty environments and smaller fishing rods. It features a flexible latching strap to secure your rod. A hexagonal attachment point makes the rod holder compatible with the C-Size and B-Size hex ball bases. This configuration includes the Revolution Ratchet/Socket Arm Track Ball™ base. The RAM ROD® Jr is also GoPro® compatible – just attach your GoPro factory mount directly to the rod holder or use the Double Ball Mount with RAM® X-Grip®.

  • T-Bolt Dimensions: .48" x .95"
  • Material:High Strength Composite
  • Note:Part number reflects product packaged in retail bag for store shelf display.

Compatible Mount Accessories


RAM® Ball Adapter for GoPro® Bases with Universal Action Camera Adapter

RAP-B-GOP2-A-GOP1U Add to Cart

RAM® X-Grip® Phone Mount with Ball Adapter for GoPro Bases

RAP-B-GOP2-UN7U Add to Cart

Extruded Aluminum Tough-Track™


9" Modular Aluminum RAM® Tough-Track™

RAM-TRACK-EXA-9U Add to Cart

3" Modular Aluminum RAM® Tough-Track™

RAM-TRACK-EXA-3U Add to Cart

13" Modular Aluminum RAM® Tough-Track™

RAM-TRACK-EXA-13U Add to Cart

17" Modular Aluminum RAM® Tough-Track™

RAM-TRACK-EXA-17U Add to Cart

5" Modular Aluminum RAM® Tough-Track™

RAM-TRACK-EXA-5U Add to Cart

Top-Loading Composite Tough-Track™


RAM® Tough-Track™ - Top-Loading Composite 2.43" Track

RAP-TRACK-A2U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - Top-Loading Composite 5" Track

RAP-TRACK-A5U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - Top-Loading Composite 16" Track

RAP-TRACK-A16U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - Top-Loading Composite 9" Track

RAP-TRACK-A9U Add to Cart

RAM® Bond-A-Base™ Black Adhesive Base with RAM® Tough-Track™

RAP-398-BLK-TRACK-AU Add to Cart

RAM® Bond-A-Base™ Adhesive Base with RAM® Tough-Track™

RAP-398-GRY-TRACK-AU Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - Top-Loading Composite 12" Track

RAP-TRACK-A12U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - Top-Loading Composite 3" Track

RAP-TRACK-A3U Add to Cart

End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™


RAM® Tough-Track™ - End Loading Composite 12" Track

RAP-TRACK-DR-12U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - End Loading Composite 24" Track

RAP-TRACK-DR-24U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - End Loading Composite 38" Track

RAP-TRACK-DR-38U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - End Loading Composite 20" Track

RAP-TRACK-DR-20U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - End Loading Composite 6" Track

RAP-TRACK-DR-6U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - End Loading Composite 4" Track

RAP-TRACK-DR-4U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - End Loading Composite 16" Track

RAP-TRACK-DR-16U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - End Loading Composite 30" Track

RAP-TRACK-DR-30U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - End Loading Composite 3" Track

RAP-TRACK-DR-3U Add to Cart

RAM® Tough-Track™ - End Loading Composite 8" Track

RAP-TRACK-DR-8U Add to Cart

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