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RAM® Track Ball Quick Release Base

Part# RAP-383

UPC: 793442949319



For the serious kayak angler, the RAM Quick Release Track Base is a universal mounting solution for a wide variety of kayak products including RAM fishing rod holders, camera and transducer deployment arms. Designed to accommodate all kayak tracks, as well as common track systems, engage and fasten the base to your existing track system or many other's including SlideTrax and the common T-Track. With a quick turn of the ball the base will slide along the track, giving you ultimate flexibility in repositioning your rod holder. A necessity for the all fishing enthusiasts, the RAM Quick Release Track Base is certain to create more mounting options on whatever you choose to take to the water.

Track Dimensional Range:
.250" MIN. - .562" MAX.

Warning: Not recommended for top loading gear tracks.

1. Quick release and installation
2. Easily relocate adapter along track, can be installed at any point on the track
3. High strength materials ensure product longevity
4. Compatible with RAM ROD® holders with 1.5" ball and any 1.5" RAM accessory
5. Lifetime warranty

High Strength Composite

Ball Size:
C Size 1.5" Rubber Ball

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