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RAM-A-CAN Universal Cup Holder Base

Part# RAP-299

UPC: 793442004193


This item is currently estimated to ship on 10/18/2019


If you need to mount something in you vehicle, but dont want to attach anything to your windshield or dash, then this is your answer, as long as you have a cup holder. This base will support many existing RAM mounts. Simply slide the top cap over a soda can best if full and unopened and then slot the bottom of the can into the cup holder in your vehicle. If the cup holder in your vehicle doesnt hold the can tight, then first slide the can into the can sleeve spacer included. The spacer is a sleeve with small extension walls on the outside. The extension walls will compress slightly to allow a tight hold in the cup holder in your vehicle. This is a base, not a complete mount. An arm and holder is required to complete this mount.

High Strength Composite

Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display.

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