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RAM® EZ-On/Off Bicycle Mount for TomTom ONE 2nd & 3rd Editions

Part# RAP-274-1-TO4

UPC: 793442931604




The RAP-274-1-TO4 consists of the EZ-ON/OFF dual strap base, swivel diamond adapter base and high strength composite cradle for the TomTom ONE. Adjust the zip ties to attach to a variety of rails, from a minimum of 0.5" in diameter. With a press on the diamond adapter the EZ-ON/OFF system allows for the quick release of the TomTom ONE cradle from the base. When connected, the diamond base can rotate, allowing for you to position the TomTom ONE cradle for optimum viewing.

High Strength Composite

Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display.

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  Compatible Devices

  • TomTom ONE (2nd Edition)
  • TomTom ONE (3rd Edition)
  • TomTom ONE V2
  • TomTom ONE V3


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