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RAM Double Swing Arm with 8" Male and 9" Female Tele-Pole™. Swing Arm Connects to No Ball Base.

Part# RAM-VP-SW1-89NB

The RAM RAM-VP-SW1-89NB, combination swing arm/tele-pole™ system, will connect to any RAM vehicle base without a welded female tele-pole™. Included is a tele-pole™ with a height range from 11.5" to 17"; it can be easily adjusted by turning the knob at the top of the post.


Specs & Features

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

Ball Size:
1.5" Rubber Ball Size

Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. RAM-202U, 1.5" adapter base and ball not included with purchase.

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6.5 lbs.

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