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RAM 17" Tough-Box™ Console with Total Faceplate Area of 15". (ie. Combinations of Faceplate Widths that Add to 15") Adjustment Base Plate Not Included.

Part# RAM-VC-17NB

Up to 30% lighter than other manufacturer’s consoles, the RAM design is just as functional and durable but without all that fuel robbing weight. Constructed of high strength composite, steel, and aluminum, materials have been meticulously chosen to ensure long product life and performance. Another key feature is the incorporation of molded parts to create the tightest of seams and the elimination of sharp corners or edges. Keeping in mind the safety of the vehicle occupants and ease of use and installation, these consoles are crafted to meet and exceed expectations. The RAM Tough-Box™ consoles are sure to set a new industry standard, no fleet should upfit their vehicles with anything less than the best, RAM.

Specs & Features

Exterior Dimensions:
Height = 7.56" to 11.75", Width = 9.0", Length = 17.0"

Interior Dimensions:
15.0", compatible with 4 to 6 radio/control heads/switches

This Tough-Box™ is not supplied with a base for mounting to top plates. Click here, to view the 17" Tough-Box™ that is supplied with a base for mounting to top plates.

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