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IntelliSkin with GDS Technology™ for the Samsung Galaxy S8


IntelliSkin® is a protective sleeve featuring GDS Technology™ for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The IntelliSkin’s integrated GDS® connector is molded directly into the skin, preventing damage to your device’s USB Type-C charging port from repetitious docking. Eighteen molded ruggedized docking contacts on the exterior of the skin are also designed for repetitive docking in field applications. The IntelliSkin is compatible with a variety of USB Type-C GDS Docks with a USB Type-C charger, allowing for charging and data syncing.


Compatible GDS® Docks


RAM USB Type-C Vehicle Phone Dock with GDS Technology™ for IntelliSkin® Products

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RAM USB Type-C Desktop Dock with GDS Technology™ for IntelliSkin® Products

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RAM Snap-Con™ GDS® to Type-C USB Adaptor

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Specs & Features

1. IntelliSkin® offers drop protection as well as shelters your device from scratches and other debris
2. The integrated connector protects your device’s connector and prevents damage due to repetitive plugging and unplugging
3. IntelliSkin® features GDS® molded ruggedized docking contacts designed for repetitive docking and undocking
4. The integrated GDS® connector makes the IntelliSkin compatible with all GDS® docking stations
5. 3 year warranty on IntelliSkin products

- This product comes in retail packaging.
- Access to the 3.5mm jack is blocked when utilizing IntelliSkin on this device.

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