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IntelliSkin® with GDS Technology™ for HP Elite x3


Make your mobile business device rugged with the all-new IntelliSkin for the HP Elite x3. The first IntelliSkin to incorporate a USB Type-C™ adaptor, this version adds additional drop protection for the powerful Windows Mobile device.

IntelliSkin for the HP Elite x3 supports data transfer up to 480 mbps and can work with multiple USB-C™ charging profiles. The universal IntelliSkin connector enables the use of HP’s external hub. You can connect your x3 to a keyboard, mouse and external monitor — turning your phone into your desktop.

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Specs & Features

1. IntelliSkin offers drop protection as well as shelters your device from scratches and other debris
2. The integrated connector protects your device’s USB Type-C connector and prevents damage due to repetitive plugging and unplugging
3. IntelliSkin features GDS molded ruggedized docking contacts designed for repetitive docking and undocking
4. The integrated GDS connector makes the IntelliSkin compatible with all USB Type-C GDS docking stations
5. 3 year warranty on IntelliSkin products

- Supports data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps
- Supports USB Type-C power profiles 5V @ 2A, 5V @ 3A, 12V @ 1.5A and 12V @ 3A or charging up to 48W
- This product comes in retail packaging.

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