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RAM USB Type-C Desktop Dock with GDS Technology™ for IntelliSkin® Products


The single Desktop Dock is a low-profile docking and charging station for phones and small tablets equipped with an IntelliSkin® sleeve. The Desktop Dock provides data and power connectivity and is designed for everyday use of most tablets and phones. The Desktop Dock features 18-pin contacts that easily connect to your IntelliSkin® wrapped device and support USB Type-C™ data transfer and charging profiles. It includes a USB Type C port on the back to connect to a charger or external hub.

RAM is setting a new standard by creating a uniform platform for making connection between any electronic device and a dock for power and data communication. RAM has created a platform to provide compatibility across multiple devices and docking stations, making power and data communication simple and cost effective. This provides scalability as devices evolve, and enables users to minimize expense by leveraging their docking stations across multiple device use cases.

Physical Dimensions:
Width = 3"
Depth = 4.1"
Height = 2"
Weight = 17 ounces


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IntelliSkin® with GDS® for the Samsung Galaxy S9

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IntelliSkin® with GDS® for the Samsung Galaxy S8

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IntelliSkin® with GDS® for the Samsung Galaxy S8+

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Specs & Features

• USB Type-C port on the back of the dock
• Supports data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps
• Supports USB Type-C power profiles 5V @ 2A, 5V @ 3A, 12V @ 1.5A and 12V @ 3A or charging up to 48W
• Includes USB Type-C male to USB Type-A male cable
• 3 year warranty on electronics

This product comes in retail packaging.

1.33 lbs.

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