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GDS® Hardwire Charger with mUSB Plug and Type-A Port


Leveraging the USB 2.0 OTG mode, the RAM-GDS-CHARGE-OTGAU adapter enables phones and tablets to charge and utilize the OTG accessory mode at the same time. This allows for the use of accessories such as keyboards, a mouse, USB 2.0 Flash drive, barcode scanners, printers, and other devices supported in the USB-IF OTG specification. Eliminating the need for a separate charger, the adapter allows the tablet to be in both host mode and accept a charge of up to 1.67A (at ~5V). The internal charger supports USB 2.0 BC1.2 mode as a DCP mode charger to the host device. The adapter solves the desire to support peripherals and charge through the single Micro-USB port on the host device.

Specs & Features

- Input Range: 8V - 40V DC
- Output Voltage: 5VDC
- Output Current: 2.5A max
- Output Connector Types: Male Micro-USB
- Input Cable Length: 1.2 Meters
- Output Cable Length: 1 Meter
- Includes USB 2.0 Type-A port on housing to connect a USB 2.0 Type A Male peripheral
- USB 2.0 480Mbps Peripheral Port Speed
- Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +70°C
- Storage Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
- Overvoltage Protection (OVP)/Load Dump Compliance: Meets SAE J-1113
- Integrated Short Circuit Protection (SCP)
- FCC, CE, WEEE, and ROHS Compliant
- USB 2.0 BC 1.2 DCP Support
- USB 2.0 Type A Female Port Max. Current 500mA

Tablet Compatibility¹:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0”, 9.7”, 10.1″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab E (8.0”)²
Samsung Galaxy Tab E (9.6”)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8.0″, 9.7″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (8.0″, 10.1″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4″, 10.5″)

¹This list is not complete, yet contains tablets that have been tested. There might be changes or previous / subsequent modifications made by the OEM to the listed product that might reduce or eliminate compatibility without notice.

²Supports up to the SM-T377W

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