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RAM® MDT Display Mount with Long Flange, Swing Arms & 8" Upper Pole

Part# RAM-DIS-MDT2-8-SW2

UPC: 793442927386


C Size


Mobile Data Terminal display mount with 8" flanged upper Tele-Pole and double swing arm for RAM vehicle mounting systems. The double swing arm allows you to twist and tilt the viewing angle of your keyboard, when mounted to your console or vehicle system. Included is a 1.5" diameter rubber ball connected to a flat 2.5" diameter base. This mount has pre-drilled holes, including the universal AMPS hole pattern, which will attach to most keyboards. This mount is also compatible with all RAM lower Tele-Poles and vehicle mounting systems.

Single Swing Arm Length:
  • 12"
  • Material:Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum and Steel
  • Articulation:Mount can tilt forward 80 degrees and backward 45 degrees.
  • Note:Bottom bracket can be rotated 180° to provide 5” total offset from the MDT mounting surface. Mobile data terminal, keyboard, lower Tele-Pole™ and vehicle base are not included with the purchase of this product. Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display.

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