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RAM® Diamond Ball Adapter with Hardware for Delphi & Sirius Radios

Part# RAM-B-238-XM1U

UPC: 793442902611

B Size


The RAM-B-238-XM1U consists of a 1" ball and diamond plate which contains a double hole spacing of 1.91 inches (48.5mm). Included is hardware that will attach directly to the back of your Delphi or Sirius radio.

  • Material:Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Ball Size:B Size 1" Rubber Ball
  • Note:The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag.
  • Weight:0.28 lbs.

  Compatible Devices

  • Delphi MyFi
  • Delphi Roady
  • Delphi Roady 2
  • Delphi Roady XT
  • Delphi SkyFi
  • Delphi SkyFi 2
  • Sirius INV
  • Sirius INV2
  • Sirius Sportster 3
  • Sirius Sportster 4
  • Sirius Sportster 5
  • Sirius Sportster Replay
  • Sirius Starmate 3
  • Sirius Starmate Replay
  • Sirius Stratus
  • Sirius Stratus 4

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