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RAM® Power Plate III Brake/Clutch Reservoir Mount for Radar Detectors

Part# RAM-B-174-300-1U

UPC: 793442951268


B Size


The RAM Magnetic Power Plate III U-Bolt Handlebar Mount is designed to hold radar detectors securely while on the road. The magnetic plate includes two powerful rare earth magnets, composite cradle and one adhesive steel plate. To mount your device to the magnet, simply adhere the steel plate to the back of you device and lock up against the holder. This holder includes a quick-release function, where the device conventiely can be removed by twisting out of the holder in one easy motion. The brake/clutch reservoir mount includes both standard and metric mounting bolts to replace the factory bolts on your bike. The patented double ball and socket design provides infinite adjustability, so you can articulate your radar detector to the perfect viewing and operating angle. The rubber ball components provide shock and vibration dampening, making this mount suitable for any rugged environment.

High Strength Composite and Marine Grade Aluminum

The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. The magnetic mount should NOT be used to hold any device that has an internal hard drive. The magnet may damage the drive. This includes the Apple iPod and other small battery operated devices.

  Compatible Devices

  • Any Radar Detector with 4" x 3" Bottom Flat Surface Area
  • Beltronics GT-7
  • Cobra ESD 7570
  • Escort iX
  • Escort Max 360
  • Escort Passport S55
  • Escort Solo S4
  • Radenso XP
  • Uniden R3
  • Valentine One V1



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