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RAM Forklift Overhead Guard Plate

Part# RAM-335

Sometimes the simplest solution makes the most sense. The new RAM Lift Truck Back-Up Mounting Plate is the ideal way to get a RAM ball attached to most any lift cage or overhead guard. Utilizing two identical plates of stamped steel with numerous common hole patterns and slots makes attachment a breeze. Three popular ball sizes: 1.5", 2.25 & 3.68" diameter may be attached to this plate system. Up to 2 balls may be attached to the same plate for multiple applications.



RAM 75mm X 75mm VESA 3.625" Plate with D Size 2.25" Ball

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RAM 75mm X 75mm VESA 3.625" Plate with 1.5" Ball

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Specs & Features

Hole Patterns
AMPS 4-Hole Pattern
100 x 100 VESA Pattern
75 x 75 VESA Pattern

Installation is as easy as attaching the base with ball to one of the plates and then sandwiching the guard or cage between the two mounting plates using the hardware provided.

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag.

7.95 lbs.

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