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RAM® Tube Fishing Rod Holder with Revolution Ratchet and Base

Part# RAM-301-RB

UPC: 793442929489




The RAM-301-RB features the RAM-TUBE 2008 fishing rod holder, RAM ROD® Revolution ratchet arm with single open socket and 2.5" diameter round base with 1.5” ball. Combining the patented RAM rubber ball and socket system with a ratcheting feature; this rod holder has almost infinite adjustability and configuration options. Easily collapse the rod holder down on the deck for clearing your casting path or articulate over the water, and out of the boat or kayak. The tube holder integrates a self-draining feature and is a quick to access for the butt of most any fishing rod. The tube is made of extremely durable composites. Ideally suited for anything from Kayaks to Tournament boats, this compact and simple design is ready for your next day on the water.

Tube Dimensions:
  • Inner diameter: 1.9"
  • Inner tube length: 10" (from bottom to top of lip)
  • Material:High Stength Composite
  • Note:The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag.
  • Weight:1.803 lbs.



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