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RAM® Safe-T-Charge™ Battery Protection System

Part# RAM-234-VCP1



The RAM Safe-T-Charge™ is feature rich and affordable making it the best choice in protecting your vehicle or boat’s electrical system and battery. With multiple configurations available through onboard dip switches, the Safe-T-Charge™ can be configured to shut down connected devices either by a trigger coming from the ignition of the vehicle or by sensing a drop in the DC voltage below a level capable of starting your engine. Easily select a predetermined duration of time to have your connected devices shut down to assure you will always be able to start your vehicle. The RAM Safe-T-Charge™ offers a audible tone starting five minutes before the timer shuts off power to your devices, and continuing every minute until the power is shut down. The on board over-ride switch enables the user to by pass the timed shut off feature in the case of an emergency or other event which requires immediate access to device power.

  • L x W x H = (95 mm/3.74”) x (80mm/3.15”) x (32mm/1.26”)
  • Material:ABS, flame retardant plastic construction
  • Note:Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display.
  • Weight:0.6 lbs.
Standard Features:
  • Battery + 12V input terminal
  • Output terminal (More outputs can be connected by overlapping the wires and fastening.)
  • Ground terminal
  • IGN terminal
  • Over ride switch
  • Timer start LED
  • Selector for DC or IGN sense
  • 3-dip switch for time set
  • Mounting holes
  • Sticker on turning cover for indication of time setting
  • Water-proof for use in marine environments
  • 30AMP Rating
  • 24V jump start protection

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