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Commercial Aviation Mounts

Rise above the rest with a secure mounting solution.

Keeping your crew’s electronic flight bag (EFB) securely docked yet providing quick access. Flexible mounting solutions are implemented in a permanent, semi-permanent or temporary mounting configuration, allowing pilots and first officers to customize their spaces.

RAM® Mounts are made to withstand up to 50 Gs of force and the frequent vibrations found in the air without sacrificing visibility and access. The innovative ball-and-socket design utilizes a patented rubber-coated ball providing superior hold and vibration reduction. Designed to be impact resistant and adapt to any situation, RAM® Mounts are made in the U.S.A. and most products are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Industry // Commercial Aviation
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One of the only suction cups allowed in a commercial aircraft.

Dual Suction Cup X-Grip Mount

Dual Suction Cup RAM® X-Grip® Mount

Dual Seuction Cup Tab-Tite Mount

Dual Suction Cup Tab-Tite™ Mount

Triple Suction Cup Tab-Tite Mount

Triple Suction Cup Tab-Tite™ Mount


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IntelliSkin® with GDS Tech™ for Aviation

Top Accessories for your Commercial Jet

RAM Multi-Pad note-pad holder mounted with a suction cup


The RAM Multi-Pad is the perfect product to keep your flight organized. Easily mounted in a variety of locations and ideal for your car, truck, or plane, the RAM Multi- Pad™ has many features you’d expect and others that will surprise you. With several mounting points and integrated magnets for holding your ferrous metal pen securely without the need for clips, the RAM Multi-Pad is ready to get to work for you.

RAM sun visor mounted in an airplane cockpit

Shield out the sun

Sometimes the factory sun visor just can’t get to where the sun is. The RAM Sun Visor can make your day better by keeping the sun and it’s glare out of your vision. The included multi pivot arm allows for an almost infinite adjustment, and the suction cup allows you to place on the windshield or even on the side window for safe glare free driving.

RAM Tough Claw mount with an X-grip holder for phones

Tough Claw™

When you need extra stability in your mount, go with one of our Tough Claw clamping bases. With the RAM Tough Claw you are set no matter what altitude you reach or turbulence you encounter. The Tough Claw can be attached to handles, rails or any other surface it can get its jaws around whether flat, round, or square.

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