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RAM® Mounts Fishing Team

At RAM® Mounts, we love fishing. And we love supporting the anglers who we consider ambassadors of such a great pastime. That's why we're proud to introduce the RAM® Fishing Team – comprised of tournament anglers, licensed fishing guides, and more. Learn more about the team members below, and be sure to follow them via social media to stay up on all of their latest adventures.

Bernie Keefe

Location: Granby, Colorado

Favorite Fishing Memory: Fishing with my cousin Joe – he got me started in fishing when I was about 6 years old. We would ride our bikes to local farm ponds and catch Bluegill and Bass. He taught me about turning over logs for crawdads, catching tadpoles and frogs for bait. As we got older I was able to repay those lessons with trips for larger lake trout.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Lake Granby

Credentials: - Pro Staff: Crestliner, Mercury, Lowrance, CLAM, Eagle Claw, RAM® Mounts

Specialities: Trophy Lake Trout

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Mounts for marine electronics

Bill Schultz

Location: New Berlin & Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Favorite Fishing Memory: As with most of us, I have SO many wonderful fishing memories. Most recently, this past June, it was special catching and releasing Smallmouth Bass number 20,000 since catching my first in 1994.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Green Bay and Lake Michigan, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and small rivers in Southwest Wisconsin

Credentials: - National Pro Staffs: RAM® Mounts, St. Croix Rods, Jackson Kayak, Bending Branches, Aqua-Bound Paddles, Yar-Craft Boats, Mercury Marine, Malone Auto Racks/Trailers, Kalin's Lunker Grubs - Published work: Badger Sportsman, Kayak Angler, On Wisconsin Outd

Specialities: Smallmouth Bass, Speaker, Writer

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Mounts for my two Humminbird fish finders on my Yar-Craft, Trolling Motor Stabilizer for my Minn Kota Ulterra and I love the external RAM-ROD® rod holders on my Jackson Kayaks.

Brad Hole

Location: Seattle, Washington

Favorite Fishing Memory: Landing an 82 lb. Pacific Halibut off my kayak and an 8-foot White Sturgeon.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Omak Lake, Washington

Credentials: - Hobie Top Gun Team 2016-2017 - Shasta Bass Classic 2017 10th Place - NWKA Angler of the Year 5th Place

Specialities: Salmon, Cutthroat Trout, Lake Trout, Tiger Muskie, Walleye

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Tough-Pole™


Brian Nelli

Location: South Florida

Favorite Fishing Memory: Winning back-to-back Extreme Battle in Bahamas Tournament.

Favorite Fishing Spot: South Florida

Credentials: - Full-time kayak guide - Tournament Accomplishments: - 1st Place Kayak Division - Shields Inshore Open 2016 - Jensen Beach​ - 1st Place - EKFT - Battle in Bahamas​ 2015 - 1st Place - EKFT- Battle in Bahamas​ 2014 - 1st Place - EKFT - September Slam

Specialities: Tournament Fishing, Offshore Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Tough-Pole™

Bridgett Howard

Location: Rock Island, Tennessee

Favorite Fishing Memory: Catching big smallies with my dad and family at our campsite in South Central Pennsylvania, taking my son on a Mother's Day state-wide fishing tour, taking my mom out to fish for the first time, landing my first five-pound Largemouth and realizing big fish live in little water. The best is always yet to come!

Favorite Fishing Spot: Skinny waters of East Tennessee and the Juniata River in South Central Pennsylvania

Credentials: - Member of Jackson Kayak, Werner Paddles, Kokatat, and RAM® Mounts Fishing Teams

Specialities: Kayak Fishing, River Fishing, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® X-Grip®

Capt. Bubba Bedre

Location: Palestine, Texas

Favorite Fishing Memory: Digging through my dad's tackle box when I was just a kid and admiring the Eagle Claw logo on the hooks.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Trinity River, Texas

Credentials: - Top 10 IGFA Captain for most world records - IGFA World Record for largest Alligator Gar on fly gear

Specialities: River Fishing, Alligator Gar

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® X-Grip®

Chris LeMessurier

Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Favorite Fishing Memory: Landing king salmon from my kayak along the scenic shores of Lake Michigan.

Favorite Fishing Spot: The wilderness lakes and streams of Michigan's up north

Credentials: Featured contributor to kayak books and Kayak Angler Magazine

Specialities: Multi-Species of the Great Lakes, Photography, Community Leadership

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM ROD® 2007 Fishing Rod Holder


Chris Wahl

Location: Simsbury, Connecticut

Favorite Fishing Memory: Watching my son catch his first fish on our farm pond when he was 2 years old.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Connecticut shoreline

Specialities: Kayak and Surf Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: Spline post base because it's the basis for my rod holders and camera mounts.

Erin Howard

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Favorite Fishing Memory: Traveling over 1,000 miles to catch my first Tiger Muskie. Though I was sick, running on three hours of sleep, and exhausted from casting all day in 90 degree heat, when that Tiger Muskie hit at dusk it was all worth it.

Favorite Fishing Spot: High Mountain Lakes, Utah

Specialities: Muskie & Pike Fishing, Kayak Fishing, Ice Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Tough-Pole™


Jamie Denison

Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina

Favorite Fishing Memory: I can remember my dad waking me up on Saturday morning when I was a kid to go fishing. For me, it was like Christmas every time.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Oak Island

Credentials: - 2017 KBF Angler of the Year

Specialities: Tournament Bass Angler

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Mounts for marine electronics

Jamie Verab

Location: Bethany, Connecticut

Favorite Fishing Memory: When I was 8 years old, my older brother took me fishing for the first time into a stream, and let's just say I have been hooked ever since. Years later I went to a private reservoir with a buddy and hooked my first largemouth, and seeing the 3-pounder jump over and over was a sight I wanted to see the rest of my life.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Candlewood Lake, Connecticut

Credentials: - NE Bassin Regional Director

Specialities: Tournament Bass Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: I love the track system mounts as I can easily move them where I wish.


Jason Broach

Location: Fort Pierce, Florida

Favorite Fishing Memory: Catching a Bowfin when I was 4 or 5 years old with the assistance of my grandad on Santee River.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Flats of the Indian River Lagoon in Fort Pierce, Florida

Credentials: - More than $35,000 in career winnings - Two-time Top 10 Angler of the Year in the Kayak Bass Fishing Series

Specialities: Kayak Tournament Angler: Bass, Inshore, Offshore

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® X-Grip®


Jason Tanagon

Location: Northern California

Favorite Fishing Memory: Getting towed around in my kayak by a 40 lb. white sea bass.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Half Moon Bay

Specialities: Saltwater Kayak Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM-ROD® HD Fishing Rod Holders


Jay Wallen

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Favorite Fishing Memory: Smallmouth fishing with my dad in Eastern Tennessee.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Lake St. Clair

Credentials: - 2017 Hobie Bass Open Champion - 2016 KBF Angler of the Year - 2014 Bluegrass Kayak Anglers Angler of the Year

Specialities: Tournament Bass Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® X-Grip®


Joey Monteleone

Location: Rock Island, Tennessee

Favorite Fishing Memory: Catching an eight and a half pound bass on camera filming for a TV show.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Stones River

Credentials: - Legends of the Outdoors 2017 Outdoorsman of the Year - Outdoor Editor WSM 650 Radio - Magazine staff at Mid South Hunting, Fishing News, Sportsmen's Digest - Jackson Kayak Pro Staff - Strike King Lures, Bending Branches Paddles , Line Cutterz Ram Mounts

Specialities: Bass Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: Like it all!

Johnny Nichols

Location: Cleveland, Tennessee

Favorite Fishing Memory: Fishing the 2017 KBF National Championship while my daughter was fishing the Young Guns part of it, finishing third and leaving Kentucky Lake with a $30,000 scholarship and a spot on the Bethal University Fishing Team.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Wherever the fish are biting!

Specialities: Tournment Fishing, Kayak Fishing, Mountain River Fishing, Hunting, Camping

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® X-Grip®

Jordan Parker

Location: Washington

Favorite Fishing Memory: I can't think of one specific memory that stands out above the rest, but the best memories seem to be made while fishing from kayaks with my friends.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Columbia River, Washington

Specialities: Kayak Tournament Angler

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Tough-Pole™

Kevin Workman

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Favorite Fishing Memory: Fishing as a kid at my grandpa's farm pond.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Kentucky Lake

Credentials: - Hobie Top Gun - 2014 MKFS Champion

Specialities: Tournament Fishing, Adventure Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Tough-Pole™


Kristine Fischer

Location: Nebraska

Favorite Fishing Memory: Heading down to Eastern Tennessee – after bass fishing six days at the KBF National Championship in March – to fish for Musky and catching my personal best 46'' in my kayak right before a front moved in.

Favorite Fishing Spot: New River, Virginia

Specialities: Tournament Fishing, Muskellunge, Pike, Bass, Bonefish, Ice Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Tough-Pole™


Lyd Basnite

Location: Southeast Florida

Favorite Fishing Memory: Over the years, my fishing memories were made through countless hours fighting trophy fish in unforgiving conditions. Through all this, I remember one time holding a record permit in the company of the town anglers and being the only female. And to top it off, I caught it on an artificial. My feeling of accomplishment was indescribable!

Favorite Fishing Spot: Florida's Waters

Credentials: - 2013 FSC Tournament, 2nd Place - Pro Staff: Tactical Anglers Inc., Black Hole USA, Innovative Reels Technologies, World Fishing Tackle- Brand Ambassador: Flatlander Surfcasting

Specialities: Kayak Angler, Surfcaster

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® X-Grip®

Mike Basnite

Location: Vero Beach, Florida

Favorite Fishing Memory: My favorite fishing memory is when my wife put me on my first tarpon land-based in Florida. For years I wanted to catch one. I would fly back and forth from Virginia to Florida until I finally hooked and landed one. Then one late summer night we went out looking for them and ended up hooking one over 100-plus pounds in the surf with a plug.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Sandbridge, Virginia (Atlantic Ocean) for Cobia, Drum and Kingmackrel

Credentials: - Sponsored by Nucanoe, Black Hole USA, Tactical Anglers Inc., Innovative Reels Technologies

Specialities: Kayak Fishing, Surf Fishing, Land-based Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® rod holders

Nicholas Berto

Location: Monroe, Washington

Favorite Fishing Memory: Fishing with my dad, grandpa and twin brother off of Whidbey Island for salmon and bottom fish every summer while I was a kid.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Lake Washington

Credentials: - 2013 and 2014 ABA West Angler of the Year

Specialities: Bass, Salmon, Steelhead Fishing and Tournaments

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® X-Grip®

Richard Wark

Location: Lacey, Washington

Favorite Fishing Memory: Watching my youngest daughter slay Panfish on a small lake.

Favorite Fishing Spot: North Washington coast

Specialities: Ocean Run Salmon & Pacific Bottom Fish

Favorite RAM® Product: Wedge Ball

Robert English

Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Favorite Fishing Memory: My greatest fishing memory is from when I was in Florida with my grandfather for summer fishing in the back bays. I hooked up with a huge fish that dragged us around, which my grandfather thought was probably a Skate. Only having 6 lb. test mono I slowly worked it into the boat and came to find out it was a huge Snook, the first I ever caught. I'll never forget the expression on his face when he saw the size of it. It's memories like that I hope to share with others.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Back Bays of Absecon, New Jersey

Specialities: Inshore Kayak Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: Track Ball™ for my Lowrance

Rob Wendel

Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin

Favorite Fishing Memory: My biggest brown trout ever bit right at the boat during Salmon-A-Rama. I took a break from trolling and decided to reel in one of my lines to change out baits. There was about 100 feet of line out that I was reeling in as fast as possible. Right as I ran out of line I saw this enormous Brown Trout smash my lure. It thrashed around for what felt like an eternity but it was clearly a huge fish. I was able to net the fish right as the hooks came out of its mouth. The fish was 26.24 lbs. and took first place in the Salmon-A-Rama Kayak Division.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Lake Michigan

Specialities: Kayak Fishing, Trophy Trout & Salmon

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM-ROD® HD Fishing Rod Holders

Ross Gallagher

Location: Southwest Florida

Favorite Fishing Memory: Recent trip to Los Buzos, Panama kayak fishing for Cubera Snapper, Roosters and Yellowfin Tuna.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Florida Keys

Credentials: - Hobie Regional team member - Outdoor writer and photographer - USCG 100 Ton Captain

Specialities: Big Game Saltwater Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Tough-Pole™


Tanner Speidel

Location: Cedar Valley, Iowa

Favorite Fishing Memory: Fishing with dad.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Cedar River

Specialities: Freshwater Trophy Hunter

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM-TUBE™ Fishing Rod Holders

Tray Collins

Location: Louisiana

Favorite Fishing Memory: Fishing Catalina Island, off the coast of California, with my father.

Favorite Fishing Spot: The entire Louisiana coast

Specialities: Inshore Fishing: Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM-ROD® 2000 Fishing Rod Holders


Tyler Hicks

Location: Brewster, Washington

Favorite Fishing Memory: Catching King Salmon from a kayak in the fjordlands of northern Patagonia, Chile.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Columbia River, Washington

Credentials: - 3rd Place 2017 NWKA Angler of the Year

Specialities: Kayak Angler Education & Recruitment

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® Tough-Pole™

Wayman Coleman

Location: Greenwood, South Carolina

Favorite Fishing Memory: Beating my dad anytime we fished against each other.

Favorite Fishing Spot: Clarks Hill

Credentials: - 2015 Renegades Angler of the Year - 3x ABA National Championship Qualifier - 2016 ABA Top 20 - BFL Regional Championship Qualifier

Specialities: Tournament Bass Fishing

Favorite RAM® Product: RAM® D Size Ball Mounts

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