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Whether flying your personal plane or a commercial jet, RAM® Mounts is proud to be by every pilot’s side. With complete mounting kits and individual RAM® components for the cockpit, pilots have several options for keeping devices secure and accessible without greatly impacting visibility. Turn to RAM® yoke clamp and suction cup bases for secure mounting, as well as RAM® universal device holders for phones, tablets, and more. Explore the full line of RAM® airplane mounts below.



RAM® EZ-Roll'r Cradle for Apple iPad Air 3 & iPad Pro 10.5


RAM® X-Grip® Universal Phone Holder with Ball


RAM® Action Camera Universal Ball Adapter


RAM® Multi-Pad Universal Notepad Holder

Tablet Holders

No matter what app you're using as your EFB, RAM® tablet holders ensure your device is kept secure and functional. With spring-loaded universal holders like the RAM® X-Grip®, RAM® Tab-Tite, and RAM® Tab-Lock available for nearly any tablet size, RAM® has long been trusted to secure tablets in the cockpit. In addition, form-fit holders for popular tablets like the Apple iPad provide a perfect fit for devices without cases.

Phone Holders

With some of the most popular phone holders on the market, RAM® keeps your device functional and exactly where you need it in the cockpit. Easily pair a range of mounting bases with spring-loaded solutions like the RAM® X-Grip® that features a sleek 'X' design and the RAM® Quick-Grip for one-handed placement of your device. For phones without cases, look to RAM® form-fit holders designed for specific devices.

GPS Holders

If you're using a dedicated GPS unit in the cockpit in addition to or instead of a phone or tablet, you'll find RAM® form-fit holders for a wide variety of brands and models. For commonly used aviation GPS devices like the Garmin aera 660, turn to RAM® ball bases featuring the universal AMPS hole pattern and pair with your favorite mount.

Camera Adapters

Capture the best photos and videos possible from your cockpit with RAM® camera ball adapters. Choose from action camera solutions that are compatible with GoPro devices, and find ball adapters featuring threaded studs for a range of consumer devices. The RAM® double ball and socket system allows for near-infinite adjustability, meaning it's simple to achieve the ideal shooting angle.

RAM® Multi-Pad

Keep important documents securely in place and organized in the cockpit with this durable notepad holder. Integrated magnets hold the included metal pen in place, whie multiple mounting attachment points make the RAM® Multi-Pad easy to attach to any mounting base.

RAM® Sun Visor

The RAM® sun visor is a favorite among pilots. This 8" x 13" accessory features a dark green 50 percent tint that's ideal for blocking sun and glare in the cockpit. Available with the RAM® Twist-Lock suction cup base and double socket swivel arm, adjusting the sun visor to any angle and for left or right handed use is a breeze.


RAM® Double Ball Yoke Clamp Mount with Round Plate


RAM® Twist-Lock Suction Cup Double Ball Mount with Round Plate


RAM® Large Strap Hose Clamp Base for Beechcraft and Bonanza Airplanes


RAM® Glare Shield Clamp Mount with Diamond Plate

Yoke Clamp Mounts

A perfect match for the yokes of Cessna planes, this clamping base tightens with the turn of a knob and features a RAM® rubber ball. Choose a complete mounting kit or build your own mounting system – just choose a compatible double socket arm and device holder for your phone, tablet, or GPS unit.

Hose Clamp Mounts

Primarily used in Beechcraft and Bonanza planes for throw over yokes, the RAM® hose clamp base includes a saddle-shaped plate and a metal strap clamp for a secure hold. Attached to a RAM® ball base, complete your mounting setup with a double socket arm and device holder.

Glare Shield Mounts

The glare shield of your plane provides a great mounting surface for this clamping ball base. Attach to your glare shield by tightening the screws – with added protection via two rubber caps. The RAM® rubber ball creates a mounting point for a variety of double socket arms and device holders so you can adjust your device to the ideal angle.

Drill-Down Mounts

Create a permanent mounting solution in the cockpit with these drill-down bases. The round ball base can be screwed into your desired location, while a short or medium length double socket arm allows you to place your attached device where you need it the most.

Suction Cup Mounts

The RAM® Twist-Lock suction cup provides a strong hold on glass and nonporous surfaces. Pilots around the world trust this suction cup mount to secure devices like phones, lightweight tablets, action cameras, and GPS units in the cockpit.


RAM® Yoke Clamp Base with Ball


RAM® Double Socket Arm with Dual Extension and Ball Adapter


RAM® Twist-Lock Dual Suction Cup Base with Ball


RAM® Tough-Claw Medium Clamp Base with Ball


Create your ideal mounting solution for the cockpit with individual RAM® components. First, choose from a variety of mounting bases engineered with the pilot in mind, like yoke clamps, seat rail bases, and the RAM® Twist-Lock suction cup. Next, choose a compatible double socket arm as well as a holder for your specific device. RAM® offers both form-fitting and universal holders for tablets, phones, GPS devices, cameras, ADS-B units, and more.

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