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About Waxie Enterprises Inc.

As the industry leader in the sales and distribution of sanitary and related supplies and equipment, WAXIE has 20 Inventory Centers strategically located throughout nine states. Serving commercial, industrial, contractor, and institutional markets, WAXIE has long had a reputation for delivering exceptional results to their customers.

Business Situation

With the costs of using older technology in the warehouse adding up, WAXIE needed to move “into the future.” Specifically, the tablets used by warehouse employees were having trouble maintaining a charge – leading to the purchase of numerous batteries and workers needing to swap out batteries throughout their shifts. Moreover, any charging solution would need to be mounted securely to warehouse vehicles such as forklifts and pickers.

Our Solution

WAXIE came straight to RAM® Mounts based on previous personal experiences, even though there were a few options from major OEM device manufacturers. In total, 85 warehouse vehicles were outfitted with IntelliSkin® for Samsung Galaxy tablets, GDS® Locking Docks, step down converter chargers, and the hand strap/kickstand combo RAM® Hand-Stand™. These scalable and secure solutions are designed for rugged use, and keep costs low with standardized charging connectors and interchangeable end caps when it inevitably comes time to upgrade devices.

The Benefits

As an early adopter of GDS® Technology™, RAM® Mounts supported WAXIE in solving any charging issues. With both IntelliSkin® and the GDS® docks fully functional, wear and tear of expensive tablets has been minimized while workers no longer have to worry about battery swaps. Overall, WAXIE cited the close partnership and first-class support as two of the many different reasons they’ve been so pleased in doing business with RAM® Mounts

  • San Diego, California
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • 900 Employees
  • 125k+ Customers To Date
  • Top 3 Reason: Partnership, Support, Made in the USA
  • RAM® Products Use: 5+
  • 85 Vehicles Equipped
  • RAM® Customer for 1+ Years

“RAM® has been an awesome partner in getting us what we need. Nothing short of amazing.”

Gary Evangelista

Corporate Operation Logistics Planner

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