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Coming Soon: Powered Docks for Zebra TC53 & TC58

TC53 & TC58 Powered Docks

To compliment the announcement of the latest Zebra TC53 & TC58, RAM® Mounts is proud to announce a new line of form-fit powered docking stations to charge and secure these handheld PC's in virtually any environment; all while keeping features and functionality of the device fully accessible while docked. Following RAM® Mounts' reputation of manufacturing the most rugged and reliable mounting solutions on the market, these powered docks for the new TC53 & TC58 continue that tradition.

Locking & Non-Locking Options

The powered docks for the Zebra TC53 & TC58 are available in non-locking, or with an integrated tubular key-locking system with two two keys provided. In addition to optimal charging and mounting, these docks also offer the option of security & theft deterrence.

Built for Zebra Accessories

As Zebra offers quality ergonomic accessories for their handheld devices including the new TC53 & TC58, the RAM® powered docks are designed to accommodate those accessories. Included with these docks are optional inserts to support your device with or without the Zebra rugged boot, and a back cavity designed in the dock body will support the hand strap accessory.

Top Buttons Accessible

In addition to supporting ergonomic accessories, these RAM® powered docks are designed to support your Zebra device while keeping all buttons and functions accessible. Located on the top spring-loaded cup, cut-outs have been designed to allow convenient access to the top buttons of the TC53 & TC58 while docked. Your device will remain fully functional and operational without having to remove the device from the dock.

Stylus Clip

When your Zebra device is mounted in a forklift, truck or any outdoor environment, it is important that the stylus remains easily accessible. The side of the RAM® powered dock for the Zebra TC53 & TC58 offers a receiver to attach the stylus when not in use.

Mount Your Zebra Device Anywhere

The back of the RAM® powered dock for the Zebra TC53 & TC58 contains the industry standard 2-hole AMPS hole pattern. This pattern allows you to connect your dock to the hundreds of ball and socket mounting components (B Size or C Size), which can mount your device to virtually any type of vehicle or mounting surface. Whether you are connecting to a forklift, truck, cart, workstation, flat surface, rail, windshield, or anywhere else, RAM® Mounts are known as the most rugged, adjustable and modular mounting system on the market, serving dozens of industries worldwide.

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