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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 Banner featuring Samsung ELD Tablet Mount

Galaxy Tab Active3

RAM® Mounts are locked and loaded with brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 mounts and compatible RAM® components designed to take on the most rugged environments. Whether it is a powered dock, Samsung ELD tablet mounting system, or IntelliSkin® and GDS® Tech, RAM® Mounts has everything you need to build the perfect mounting solution for your new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3.

Form-Fit Powered Holders

These Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 powered vehicle docks include power and power + data options, non-locking, combination lock, keyed lock and dual USB versions. All holders conveniently connect to nearly any RAM® vehicle mount base, while the rubber ball and socket mounting system allows users to efficiently switch between portrait and landscape modes.

Connect Your Keyboard & Other Peripherals

Turn your Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 into a mobile workstation with the GDS® Ecosystem. Supporting a fully customizable space, the GDS® Ecosystem offers vehicle docks, power accesories, keyboards and more to emulate your office, on the go.

6-Port Charging Docks

This RAM® 6-Port desktop dock charging station was designed specifically to support up to six Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3, Tab Active Pro and/or Tab Active2 devices for simultaneous charging. These desktop docks reduce the amount of charging cords needed to charge each device by consolidating power through one cord and providing each Samsung tablet with its own charging bay to reduce clutter.

RAM® Skin

The RAM® Skin for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 features GDS® Ergo attachment points for shoulder straps as well as an open space on the back to attach a GDS® Hand-Stand Kickstand and Hand Strap. The RAM® Skin is compatible with our designated Tab Active3 cradles and mounts.

IntelliSkin® Next Gen with GDS® Tech

The IntelliSkin® Next Generation protective sleeve for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 includes a redesigned hard plastic shell with soft, shock-absorbing rubber, and an integrated USB Type-C connector at the bottom of the skin allows for device charging even when you don’t have a GDS® Dock available. The IntelliSkin® Next Generation for the TA3 includes a slot for the Samsung stylus and is compatible with a variety of GDS® Docks and accessories, as well as new docking cups for upgrading existing GDS® vehicle docks.

RAM® Tough-Case For ELD Mounting

For an all-in-one Samsung ELD tablet mounting system, the RAM® Tough-Case™ is a rugged two-piece enclosure for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 with a built-in coiled power cable that tethers the device inside of any vehicle. This case allows you to create a hardwired connection to the Samsung ELD tablet using a custom USB Type-C connector, with a stretch of up to 7 ft which offers maximum tablet mobility while staying connected. Your connection will remain secured and protected with the use of oversizes strain relief built into the RAM® Tough-Case™. The back of the case is intentionally left fully exposed to optimize cooling of the ELD tablet's battery.

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