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Samsung Tab Active Pro

Tab Active Pro

No matter where the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro is needed, RAM® has you covered with a range of protective skins and powered docking cradles for nearly any application. Turn to the IntelliSkin® Next Generation sleeve for use with existing products in the GDS® Ecosystem, or take advantage of a variety of powered cradles to keep the Tab Active Pro charged and secure while on the go.

Intelliskin® with GDS® Tech

The first of its kind IntelliSkin® Next Generation protective sleeve for the Tab Active Pro features several enhancements to the original IntelliSkin®. A redesign of the skin combines a hard plastic shell with soft, shock-absorbing rubber, while the exterior’s ruggedized GDS® contacts are now flat to collect less dirt and allow for easier cleaning.

RAM® Skin

Designed for use with RAM® EZ-Roll’r™ powered cradles, the RAM® Skin™ features military-grade drop protection and a built-in S Pen holder. For even more versatility in the field, look to compatible GDS® Ergo™ accessories like the GDS® Hand-Stand™ and shoulder strap.

RAM® EZ-Roll'r™ Vehicle Docks

These three Tab Active Pro powered cradles are part of the RAM® EZ-Roll’r™ family for simple placement and removal of the device. Available in non-locking, combination lock, and keyed lock versions, all three cradles are compatible with the RAM® Skin™ protective sleeve and a wide variety of RAM® mounting bases.

Key & Combo Locking Vehicle Docks

Key and combination locking cradles for the Tab Active Pro provide both charging and data transfer capabilities via integrated GDS® pogo pins. Compatible with GDS® hardwire and cigarette lighter adapter chargers, these cradles are ready to meet the demands of field workers in numerous fields and industries.

GDS® Vehicle Dock

Designed for IntelliSkin® Next Generation, the latest GDS® vehicle dock includes a universal positioning marker for compatibility and cost-effective upgrades. The bottom dock cup includes 18 GDS® pogo pins as well as a USB Type-C pigtail, bringing in-vehicle charging capabilities to any Tab Active Pro with IntelliSkin®. The GDS® Tough-Dock™ is a custom form-fit docking station and a built-in cavity for accomodating the GDS® Hand-Stand™. Upgrade to GDS® Cool-Dock™ to include a built-in fan to protect long term battery life.

GDS® Desktop Docks

The latest GDS® desktop charging station is designed to support up to six Next Generation IntelliSkin®-enabled Tab Active Pro devices simultaneously. Eliminate all but one power cord and ensure devices are both charged and securely docked when not in use.

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