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Microsoft Surface Mounts

Microsoft Device Mounts

Wide range of options are available for your specific needs. A key benefit provided with RAM Mounts is shock absorption which further protects the electronic devices for improved reliability and ease of adjustment for each driver; as well as locking accessories for theft protection.

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Microsoft Surface Tablet Mounts

Now that you've replaced your laptop for the mobility of Microsoft Surface, maximize your investment with RAM Mount. RAM provides a locking, form-fit Surface mounts as well as integrated docking solutions to make the most out of your device wherever your go.

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Microsoft Surface Tablet Mounts

Windows Phones

Looking for a modular mounting system for your Microsoft Phone? Look no further than the wildly popular RAM® X-Grip® holder with RAM’s ball-and-socket mount design. RAM® X-Grip® cradles expand and contract to hold your phone securely in any environment while the proprietary mount design provides superior strength and flexibility.

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