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RAM Apple Macbook Mounts

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RAM provides robust mounting solutions to hold your iPad in place in the most demanding applications. Find mounts to fit your iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad models 1-4. Position your iPad to the perfect position whether in a car, on a desk, airplane windshield or a microphone stand. RAM iPad mounts fit your application and lifestyle.

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RAM® X-Grip®® Holders and Mounts

RAM® X-Grip® tablet holders feature a four leg design that offers impressive holding power without hiding your tablet behind foam pads and plastic. Simple to open and close, the spring loaded RAM® X-Grip® with soft rubber tips leaves the outside edge of your tablet free of annoying obstructions. This patented, universal design provides strong holding power for a variety of tablet sizes.

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RAM® X-Grip® Holders
Form-Fit holder

Form-Fit Holders and Mounts

The RAM form-fit cradle is the perfect mounting accessory providing lightweight, smooth placement and removal of your device. Available for Apple iPad®, Samsung Galaxy® and Amazon Kindle® devices, the Form-Fit features the patented EZ-Roll’R™ design that allows the top of your device to easily roll and lock into place. A great loprofile, reliable tablet holder for all of your on-the-go needs.

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Tab-Tite™ Holder and Mounts

The RAM Tab-Tite™ cradle is a spring-loaded, quick release holder designed for easy loading and unloading of your tablet. Interchangeable cup ends provide a near custom fit and replacement cup ends are available as you change devices. One of our most popular tablet holders, the Tab-Tite™ keeps your device secure in the most rugged environments in almost any application.

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Tab-Lock™ Holders and Mounts

All the benefits of the Tab-Tite™ tablet holder with the addition of a quick release locking mechanism. The Tab-Lock™ features spring-loaded, interchangeable cup ends to help load and unload a variety of tablet sizes quickly and easily. The patented locking mechanism ensures security of your device with key lock access. When unlocked, a simple pull of the lever releases your tablet for mobile use.

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