Top 5 Mounting Solutions for Delivery Drivers
Top 5 Mounting Solutions for Delivery Drivers

Top 5 Mounting Solutions for Delivery Drivers

By RAM Mounts

April 15, 2020

During this trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic, delivery drivers are more essential than ever before. Whether it’s keeping restaurants alive by driving take-out orders to hungry customers in isolation to first responders and truck drivers delivering emergency cargo to and from hospitals, we need to keep these workers from supplying themselves with cheap, breakable mounts for their devices. So we put together our list of top 5 mounting solutions for delivery drivers ranging from the need of mobile workstations, to simply mounting devices for navigation. Check out the list below, stay safe, and keep your devices mounted!

RAM® Stubby™ Phone Mount RAM® Stubby™ Phone Mount

5. RAM® Stubby

For those who want to maximize the visibly of their windshield and mount their phone somewhere else that is less distracting, look no further than the RAM® Stubby™. This base is a low-profile option that fits snug in the cup holder of your vehicle with flexible support fins that can be trimmed to size depending on how wide of a cup holder you have.


No modifications to your cup holder are necessary. Simply take out that old McDonalds drink and push the RAM® Stubby straight down into the cup holder.

Attach any B size RAM® socket arm depending on the length of reach you need. And since RAM® components are modular, you can attach your favorite phone holder you might already own, like the RAM® X-Grip®, the RAM® Quick-Grip, or even a caseless RAM® Form-Fit option.

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RAM Vehicle Base in Ford Raptor

4. RAM® No-Drill™   Vehicle Mount

For those delivery drivers who need something extra, our RAM® No-Drill Vehicle solutions allow you to create your own mobile workstation. Specific to your vehicle(as well as universal options), these bases were each designed to install directly under the seat bolts on the passenger side. Pair our Tele-Pole and Swing Arm system with either a RAM® Tough-Tray™ for laptops, or any compatible tablet holder. This mounting solution is ideal for delivery drivers who operate on more than just a smartphone.



First, visit our website to find a solution geared towards your exact vehicle, or select a universal option. After you find your ideal base, decide whether you are going to mount a laptop, or tablet. Once your new mobile workstation arrives in the mail, you’ll start installing the vehicle base under the passenger side seat bolts. See our install video for help!

You will find that this mounting solution allows for further attachments of a wide variety of mounts we offer. Our RAM® Tough-Claw™ mounts can be mounted directly onto the Tele-Pole for your phone, or GPS devices.

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RAM® Tough-Wedge™ phone mount RAM® Tough-Wedge™ phone mount

3. RAM® Tough-Wedge

The RAM® Tough-Wedge is an ideal phone or tablet mounting solution that fits in the space between your passenger seat and center console. (Yeah, that area where you always lose your keys or french fries.)

Simple but ingenious, the RAM® Tough-Wedge creates a low-profile mounting surface so you can take advantage of the RAM® double ball and socket system. From there, you can attach your favorite phone or tablet holder to keep your device in the perfect position. That means no air vent, dash, or windshield obstruction.


We already mentioned the RAM® Tough-Wedge fits in that space between your passenger seat and center console. No modifications to your vehicle or car seat are necessary. For an even stronger hold, the RAM® Tough-Wedge expansion pump (pictured right) is available separately or in select kits.

The attached B size RAM® diamond ball adapter allows you to connect any B size double socket arm and compatible device holder. And since RAM® components are modular, you can likely attach your favorite phone or tablet holder you might already own, like the RAM® X-Grip®, the RAM® Quick-Grip, the RAM® Tab-Tite, or even GDS® Docks for use with IntelliSkin®.

RAM® Portable Friction Dashboard Base RAM® Portable Friction Dashboard Base

2. RAM® Portable Friction Dashboard base

Want to keep your windshield clean and visible? Keep your suction cup phone mount in place with this portable friction base. It will keep your mobile device in plain view when needed, and can easily be stowed when not in use. This product is compatible with all RAM® suction cup mounts, as well as all suction cup mounting brackets. Ideal for locations where window mounted suction cups are prohibited, or as a simple solution for quickly mounting your device. This is a popular mounting solution for those who don’t want to mess with the interior of the vehicle.


Weighted with an anti-skid bottom, this base rests on your dashboard and features slick surface in the center ready to place a suction cup mount. It’s magic!

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Top 5 Mounts for Delivery Drivers - RAM Mounts

1. RAM® X-Grip®  Twist-Lock Suction Cup Phone Mount

The most popular mount for delivery drivers is our RAM® X-Grip® with RAM® Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Phone Mount! Unlike other suction cup mounts on the market, ours is built to last with a lifetime warranty. Held together by our modular components, the RAM® XGrip® was designed to fit any device with or without a case in the dimensions of 1.875″ to 3.25″ along with our patented socket arm for near-infinite adjustability. Any delivery driver that purchases this suction cup phone mount can trust tat this will be the last phone mount you’ll ever need. For plus-size phones, SHOP HERE!

RAM® X-Grip®  Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Phone Mount


Turn the suction cup base to the unlock position, align the base to desired location on your windshield, press the base straight onto the surface straight on and twist the base to the lock position before letting go. Pop that socket arm on and the RAM® X-Grip® to other end and voila! To place your phone in the holder, simply pinch the ends of the RAM® X-Grip® to expand the prongs and insert your phone while releasing your grip. Now just never take it off and your deliveries will always be on time!

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