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Mount of the Month: RAM® Tough-Wedge™ for Phones and Tablets

Mount of the Month: RAM® Tough-Wedge for Phones and Tablets

By RAM Mounts

March 6, 2020

From $15 setups that fall apart after a few months to finding the right place to actually mount your device, finding the best mount for your vehicle isn’t always easy. That’s why we recommend the RAM® Mount Builder, where you actually select your phone or tablet model as well as the mounting location you prefer – and it’s RAM®, so you never have to worry about quality.

But with so many different RAM® components, one amazing mounting solution the builder doesn’t currently serve up is the RAM® Tough-Wedge seat mount. Among loyal RAM® fans, it’s a more well-known commodity. But alas, not everyone is a hardcore RAM® Mounts user, so this month we’re happy to feature the RAM® Tough-Wedge™ as our mount of the month.

To learn more about the RAM® Tough-Wedge seat mount for phones and tablets, see our product Q&A below.

Mount of the Month Q&A: RAM® Tough-Wedge

What is it for?

The RAM® Tough-Wedge is an ideal phone or tablet mounting solution that fits in the space between your passenger seat and center console. (Yeah, that area where you always lose your keys or french fries.)

What does it do?

Simple but ingenious, the RAM® Tough-Wedge creates a low-profile mounting surface so you can take advantage of the RAM® double ball and socket system. From there, you can attach your favorite phone or tablet holder to keep your device in the perfect position. That means no air vent, dash, or windshield obstruction.

How does it work?

We already mentioned the RAM® Tough-Wedge fits in that space between your passenger seat and center console. No modifications to your vehicle or car seat are necessary. For an even stronger hold, the RAM® Tough-Wedge expansion pump (pictured right) is available separately or in select kits.

The attached B size RAM® diamond ball adapter allows you to connect any B size double socket arm and compatible device holder. And since RAM® components are modular, you can likely attach your favorite phone or tablet holder you might already own, like the RAM® X-Grip®, the RAM® Quick-Grip, the RAM® Tab-Tite, or even GDS® Docks for use with IntelliSkin®.

What else should I know?

Have a kid in the backseat? Just flip the RAM® Tough-Wedge around, adjust the double socket arm and device holder, and you have a “Are we there yet?” quick fix.

When are they available?

The RAM® Tough-Wedge has long been a fan favorite! Check out all the kits, or get in touch with our team to see how you can attach your existing device holder.

Looking for other vehicle mounting solutions? Don’t miss our vehicle-specific catalog that’s packed full of them.

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