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GDS® Technology™ and Mounting Solutions for Public Safety Vehicles

GDS® Technology™ and Mounting Solutions for Public Safety Vehicles

By RAM Mounts

March 27, 2020

Law enforcement, first responders, and other public safety professionals rely on RAM® Mounts and GDS® Technology everyday to ensure laptops, radios, tablets, police consoles, and more are ready at a moment’s notice.

With complete charging solutions like powered cradles and GDS® vehicle docks for phones and tablets, RAM® is always ready to serve. This month, featured technology upgrades for patrol cars, and we’re proud to say RAM® made the list. Just check out what they had to say:

Devices that go into patrol cars as well as the devices that secure them are equally important. After all, in order to retain the integrity of equipment it is important to ensure they are secured within the vehicle. RAM® Mounts has monitors, keyboards, docks, and skins. They use GDS® Technology in their products which provides the ability to sync information, charge devices, and protect them. IntelliSkin®, a protective skin from RAM® Mounts, is military grade, offers maximum protection for devices, and is equipped with GDS® Technology charging capabilities. Investing in this type of equipment could be wise since patrol equipment may be put to the test with time and use. The better the device is secured, the longer it will last. Additionally, GDS® Technology offers a modern spin on traditional docking stations and protective products that work with the Samsung DeX, allowing the officer to have an atmosphere similar to a desktop in their unit.

If you’re a public safety professional or first responder, be sure to discover essential GDS® Ecosystem products and RAM® Tough-Box console solutions below.

GDS® Ecosystem for Public Safety

GDS® platform provides protection, charging, and data sync capabilities across a wide range of phones and tablets
IntelliSkin® sleeves feature military-grade drop protection and GDS® pogo pins
GDS® Keyboard solutions include track pad and numeric keypad options
13.3″ GDS® View touchscreen monitor is RAM® Mounts Compatible with various mounting components

GDS® Ecosystem™

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RAM® Tough-Box Console Solutions

Customizable console setup in a variety of lengths
Molded faceplates with tongue and groove details
No sharp corners or edges
Available in standard and angled frames

RAM® Tough-Box™ console solutions

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See more of what IntelliSkin® and the GDS® Ecosystem has to offer with the latest GDS® Tech catalog.

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