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RAM® Fishing Team Feature: Brian Nelli

RAM® Fishing Team Feature: Brian Nelli

By RAM Mounts

February 21, 2020

The RAM® Mounts Fishing Team is comprised of unique talents including tournament anglers, licensed fishing guides, and more, which is why we’re excited to feature team members and their adventures.

This month we’re featuring Brian Nelli, the founder of Pushin’ Water Kayak Charters in Palm Beach, Florida and a three-time Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament champion. Brian guides offshore, inshore, and freshwater tours, helping clients catch everything from mahi, sailfish, and snapper to peacock bass, clownknife fish, and much more.

Just check out the video below or the this photo gallery to see some absolutely amazing fish. And keep reading to learn a little more about Brian and his business.

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How did you first get into fishing? What’s your earliest fishing memory?

My dad would take me to a local pond in Illinois fishing for panfish, bass, and carp around the age of five.

Eventually I started to venture out to other areas as I grew up.

How did your charters business come to be?

The business started as a hobby; taking out local friends of friends. I eventually set up a website registered as a business in 2010.

After five years just doing it as a side gig, I went full-time in 2015.

What are the different kinds of charters/tours you offer?

We offer both inshore and offshore saltwater tours, as well as freshwater tours for peacock bass and other exotic fish.

What’s one of the most memorable tours you’ve given?

There are so many trips that stick in my mind that it’s hard to choose.

Every trip is a different experience. That’s why I love what I do.

What do you love to do outside of fishing?

Family has become number one – once I finally found my wife, I realized this. I also love to play poker. The mental aspect of trying to figure out what people are thinking intrigues me.

Finally, I love to travel, but that usually involves fishing.

Favorite RAM® Mounts product:

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