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Mount of the Month: Next Generation IntelliSkin® and Supporting GDS® Docks™

Mount of the Month: Next Generation IntelliSkin® and Supporting GDS® Docks

By RAM Mounts

February 1, 2020

Over the last several years, IntelliSkin® and GDS® Technology have changed the way businesses charge, protect, and secure phones and tablets – especially when deploying devices that were originally designed for consumer use.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the “next generation” of these protective sleeves, vehicle docks, desktop docks, and more. While still providing a safeguard for device ports against the frequent docking and undocking of phones and tablets, Next Generation IntelliSkin® with GDS® Tech features several enhancements that make the product line worthy of our mount of the month designation.

Learn more and see upcoming Next Generation IntelliSkin® products below. We’ll also keep adding to the list as the family continues to grow.

Next Generation IntelliSkin® with GDS® Tech

The all-new Next Generation IntelliSkin® protective sleeve combines a hard plastic shell with a soft, shock-absorbing rubber. Like the original IntelliSkin®, ruggedized contacts for repetitive docking remain on the exterior, but are now flat to collect less dirt and allow for easier cleaning. You’ll also likely notice the new universal delta point on the top of the sleeve, designed to provide streamlined compatibility with the new GDS® vehicle dock top cup (more on that below). In addition, an integrated USB Type-C connector at the bottom of the skin allows for device charging whenever a GDS® Dock is unavailable.

The first Next Generation IntelliSkin® protective sleeve is coming soon for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro, and is compatible with both GDS® HandStand and GDS® shoulder strap accessories.

IntelliSkin® Next Generation for Samsung Tab Active Pro

Next Generation IntelliSkin® for Tab Active Pro

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GDS® Vehicle Docks  for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

The modularity of GDS® vehicle docks provide the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions for your tablet, including future device upgrades. And it’s no different with the latest version, designed specifically for Next Generation IntelliSkin®-enabled devices. With integrated pogo pins that deliver power capabilities, you can depend on the spring-loaded dock to secure your device. Plus, it’s easy to upgrade any existing GDS® vehicle docks – just look to interchangeable top and bottom cups.

GDS® Vehicle Dock for IntelliSkin® Next Generation


GDS® Vehicle Dock for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

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GDS® Vehicle Dock Bottom Cup for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

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GDS® Vehicle Dock Top Cup for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

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GDS® Slide and Desktop Docks for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

Perfect for office environments, the latest GDS® desktop docks for Next Generation IntelliSkin®-enabled devices deliver full-time charging capabilities. Each dock features GDS® pogo pins and ranges from single to multi-device support to keep devices charged and securely docked, all while eliminating unnecessary cords.

GDS® 6-Port Desktop Charger for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

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GDS® Desktop Dock with USB Type-C for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

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On the other hand, the GDS® Slide Dock for Next Generation IntelliSkin®-enabled devices is ideal for charging carts and other charging stations. Available in magnetic and drill-down versions, the GDS® Slide Dock features an LED indicator light that lets you know whether or not it’s connected to power. For upgrading an existing GDS® Slide Dock, take advantage of the corresponding GDS® module.

GDS® Slide Dock with Magnetic Attachment for Next Generation IntelliSkin®
GDS® Slide Dock with Drill-Down Attachment for Next Generation IntelliSkin®
GDS® Slide Dock Module for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

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