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Mount of the Month: Solutions for the New Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro

Mount of the Month: Solutions for the New Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro

By RAM Mounts

November 1, 2019

The recent announcement of the ruggedized Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro is great news for workers in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, public safety, transportation, and much more.

Here at RAM® Mounts, we have even more good news: Tab Active Pro skins, docks, and mounting bundles are coming soon. These solutions – including powered cradles and the first Next Generation IntelliSkin® protective sleeve – are designed and tested for the most demanding environments and applications. Keep reading to find out more about the Tab Active Pro solutions that make up our latest mount of the month.

RAM® Skin and RAM® EZ-Roll’r Cradles

The RAM® Skin for the Tab Active Pro features military-grade drop protection and a built-in S Pen holder. Ideal for rugged use in a range of applications, this device skin is compatible with the GDS® HandStand and GDS® shoulder strap accessories. For power and optional data capabilities, take advantage of compatible RAM® EZ-Roll’r cradles. Mounting bundles are also available so you can get everything you need for securing and charging the Tab Active Pro in a wide variety of vehicles.

RAM Mounts Skin and EZ-Roll'r Cradle for Tab Active Pro

RAM® Skin for Tab Active Pro

RAM® EZ-Roll’r Power Cradle

RAM® EZ-Roll’r Power and Data Cradle

RAM® Power Mounting Bundle

RAM® Power and Data Mounting Bundle

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Next Generation IntelliSkin® with GDS® Tech

The all-new Next Generation IntelliSkin® protective sleeve for the Tab Active Pro combines a hard plastic shell with a soft, shock-absorbing rubber. Like the original IntelliSkin®, ruggedized contacts for repetitive docking remain on the exterior, but are now flat to collect less dirt and allow for easier cleaning. In addition, an integrated USB Type-C connector at the bottom of the skin allows for device charging whenever a GDS® Dock is unavailable.

Next Generation IntelliSkin® for the Tab Active Pro is compatible with the GDS® HandStand and GDS® shoulder strap accessories, as well as a new GDS® vehicle dock. For upgrading existing GDS® vehicle docks, look to the interchangeable bottom and top cups.

Next Generation IntelliSkin and GDS Vehicle Dock for Tab Active Pro

Next Generation IntelliSkin® for Tab Active Pro

GDS® Vehicle Dock for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

GDS® Vehicle Dock Bottom Cup for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

GDS® Vehicle Dock Top Cup for Next Generation IntelliSkin®

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