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RAM® Accessibility Catalog: Inclusive Mounting Solutions for Wheelchairs and More

By Bryden McGrath

September 12, 2019

RAM® Tough-Claw™ with RAM® Level Cup™ XLThe new RAM® accessibility catalog continues our commitment to creating inclusive mounting solutions and all-in-one accessibility mounting kits.

With a full suite of mounts for wheelchairs and modular solutions for the home, you can attach, swap, and move RAM® Mounts bases, double socket arms, and device holders anywhere from a wheelchair to a bed frame to a vehicle. Moreover, RAM® has partnered with companies like Microsoft to create inclusive gaming mounts for the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Versatile track, rail, and body mounts make it easy to swap out the controller for a phone or tablet holder.

Special thanks to local accessibility community leaders Tyler Schrenk, Ian Mackay, and Kenny Salvini for providing their time, support, and knowledge during this project. In addition, don’t miss our feature on Ian and his nonprofit organization Ian’s Ride.

Check out the full accessibility catalog below to learn more about these inclusive mounting solutions:

  • Partner with RAM® Mounts – pg. 5
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller – pg. 6
  • The RAM® Difference – pg. 8
  • Mount Anything, Anywhere – pg. 9
  • At Home – pg. 11
  • Device Holders – pg. 13
  • Wheelchair Armrest Mounts – pg. 15
  • Wheelchair Seat Track Mounts – pg. 17
  • Wheelchair Seat/Leg Rail Mounts – pg. 19
  • How to Build Your Wheelchair Mount – pg. 20
  • Wheelchair Compatibility Guide – pg. 21
  • Desk and Table Mounts – pg. 23
  • GDS® Technology – pg. 25
  • The Shape That Started It All – pg. 26


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  1. Good day.

    I have the ram tab tite with the dual suction for iPad gen 1-4.

    Is it possible to order only the twist lock part? If so, how do I go about doing so?

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