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GDS® Tech™ and Samsung Devices Increase Manufacturing Efficiencies at NPI

GDS® Tech and Samsung Devices Increase Manufacturing Efficiencies at NPI

By RAM Mounts

August 30, 2019

Increase Manufacturing Efficiencies at NPI

At National Products Inc. (NPI) – the parent company of RAM® Mounts – Samsung mobile devices like the Galaxy Tab Active2 and GDS® Tech have helped to transform production processes.

In the Samsung Insights video below, you’ll see the digital transformation of NPI manufacturing workflows. From the elimination of paper-based recordkeeping throughout multiple departments to inventory management, Samsung devices are used throughout NPI.

Take the assembly department, for example. First, the powerful computing capabilities of devices like the Tab Active2 make it a natural fit for manufacturing environments. Paired with GDS® Ecosystem products like IntelliSkin® protective sleeves, the GDS® shoulder strap, and the GDS® HandStand combination accessory, employees can keep the Tab Active2 charged and protected as they pick parts to be assembled. When an employee has returned to a workstation or their shift has ended, they can easily keep the Tab Active2 powered in GDS® Docks.

In the end, Samsung devices and GDS® Tech work together to increase manufacturing efficiencies.

RAM® makes a comprehensive line of mounting systems. We service verticals like public safety, manufacturing, transportation, logistics – essentially anyway there’s high vibration, our mounts are applicable. There’s been a huge technology surge as people transition from paper to electronic interfaces in order to capture their data in a more efficient way. What’s been fun is we’ve ended up applying that to our business.

This technology allows us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by having a greater ability to access all the information we need on a timely basis. Everybody on the floor has access to the quality specifications to the directions that a customer might want that’s absolutely different and custom, and it allows us then to give our customers a higher level of service at a very efficient price.

We use Samsung tablets in every one of our operations sections at National Products. We use them in diecast to do our maintenance and check our safety programs. We use them in powder coating to make sure that our inventory is managed correctly. We use them in the rubber injection area to print labels for when we’re making our products to check work orders and specifications. It’s very invaluable for giving direction to people when we’re not present. In the plastics area we use it to count at the end of the machines as they go off. We also use it there for a variety of information capturing processes like quality control, numbers for the production recording, etc. The product is easy to adjust to our needs and to program in a very specific way. People find it easy to learn and adapt to it, and it’s very rugged so when they’re out on the floor they aren’t breaking it or having issues.

I have employees who will use their car often as their mobile workplace. So you take a DeX-enabled device like a Note 9, you put it in the cab of that vehicle, and they essentially have all the same features of their desk environment right inside of their car. And then they can take that from their desk environment and bring it into the office, and have even greater functionality with the DeX interface. From there, I can grab my phone, bring it into the conference room, and then give a presentation to the team.

Samsung has proven to be a good partner to start with. They provide great information, and they allow us to understand their products and learn them in great depth so we know how to use them more effectively. As we deploy these technologies and start to gain more time in the day, that’s when we’re able to focus on our customers – and if you can make your customers happy, that’s good for business.

Read the full Samsung Insights feature.

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