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ELD Mandate: How to Upgrade Your Existing RAM® Mounts in the Cab

ELD Mandate: How to Upgrade Your Existing RAM® Mounts in the Cab

By RAM Mounts

August 15, 2019

ELD Extension for Grandfathered AOBRDs
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The last big ELD mandate compliance deadline is approaching fast: December 16th, 2019. That’s when automatic on-board recording devices (AOBRDs) will no longer be accepted for recording a driver’s record of duty status (RODS). Previously, we covered how to be prepared before the two-year grandfather clause expires and shared an on-demand webinar from Samsung, Omnitracs, and RAM® Mounts.

Now, here’s how you can upgrade existing RAM® mounting components in your cab to get ELD compliant.

RAM® Mounts 101: Ball Sizes & Socket Arm Lengths

Whether you’re familiar with RAM® Mounts or not, there’s a chance there are existing RAM® components in your cab. To get started, you’ll want to see what size of RAM® ball base you’re working with. The most common RAM® ball sizes – 1″ (B size) and 1.5″ (C size) – are likely what you’ll find.

Next, connect your ball base to a compatible RAM® double socket arm to extend the reach of your mount and place your ELD in the ideal position. For instance, a C size double socket arm would connect to a C size ball base. Choose from short, medium, and long arm options depending on how much extension is needed. With a ball base and double socket arm to secure your device, you’re ready to find a compatible powered cradle or GDS® Technology products for your ELD.

IntelliSkin® with GDS® Tech for the ELD Mandate

RAM ELD Tab A 8.0 BundleThe GDS® Ecosystem has everything you need to keep your ELD protected, connected, and charged while on the road.

It works like this: IntelliSkin® protective sleeves feature ruggedized GDS® Tech pogo pins that ensure compatibility with GDS® vehicle docks and much more. GDS® Docks are RAM® Compatible and can attach to a wide range of RAM® ball plates that include standard hole patterns.

Let’s say you’re planning to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2018) as your ELD. First, a compatible IntelliSkin® sleeve provides military-grade drop protection. Paired with a GDS® locking vehicle dock and powered by a GDS® modular hardwire charger, you can easily keep the Tab A 8.0 (2018) charged in the cab. And the vehicle dock includes a keyed lock for theft deterrence.

When the time inevitably comes to upgrade to a new device, the GDS® Ecosystem provides cost-effective future proofing. There’s no need to replace every component in your setup – just change the IntelliSkin® sleeve and swap out the GDS® vehicle dock top cup.

RAM Tab-Tite™ features

RAM® Powered Cradles for the ELD Mandate

RAM Mounts ELD Tab Active2 BundleOne of the most popular ELD solutions is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2. That’s why RAM® Mounts teamed directly with Samsung to create a variety of Tab Active2 powered cradles.

Each RAM® EZ-Roll’r powered cradle delivers power to the device via the pogo pin interface, and can be connected to any RAM® ball plate with the universal AMPS hole pattern. For theft deterrence, the cradle also comes in key locking and combination lock versions.

To make things easier, bundles are available for each cradle version and include all the necessary GDS® Charge accessories and mounting components needed.

Don’t get left behind as the grandfather clause expires for AOBRDs: our ELD Fleet Solutions catalog has everything you need to become compliant.

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