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RAM® Mount Builder Update: Additional Options to Choose From

RAM® Mount Builder Update: Additional Options to Choose From

By RAM Mounts

April 24, 2019

It’s already been six months since we launched the new rammount.com as well as the RAM® Mount Builder, and we’ve been blown away by the positive feedback from customers. In fact, the Mount Builder tool continues to be extremely popular for longtime RAM® fans and first-time visitors alike.

While you may have recently noticed another update to our homepage – featuring category icons and top pages to help you find exactly what you’re looking for faster – we’ve also been focused on making the RAM® Mount Builder even more useful.

Serving Up Additional Mounting Solutions

Prior to this latest version of the RAM® Mount Builder, you would only be served one mounting solution option. But as you may know, there are actually more than 5,000 different RAM® Mounts components available.

That’s why you’ll now see multiple mounting options for the top 100 most requested use cases.

What’s that mean? Well, let’s say you select an iPhone 7 to be mounted on your car’s windshield. Previously, the Mount Builder would only serve up the RAM® X-Grip® with suction cup base. Now, you’ll also see a tab for additional mounting solutions. For this example, you would also see the RAM® Quick-Grip with suction cup base (pictured below) and the RAM® X-Grip® with low-profile suction base.

With so many components, it only makes sense to give customers more options so you can decide which is the absolute best solution for you. And if you can’t decide, you can trust that the first option is our top recommended mount.

RAM Mount Builder updated options

Other Mount Builder Improvements

RAM Mount Builder mobile updateLastly, if you’ve used the builder before you may also notice some small style changes.

For example, if you need to change any of the options selected we’ve made it more obvious with a large “Go Back” button. And on mobile, the entire builder runs more smoothly and includes the aforementioned additional options to choose from (pictured left).

What else would you love to see from the RAM® Mount Builder? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to pass it along to our team. Or if this is your first time hearing about the Mount Builder, check out how easy it is to use.

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