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Now Available: IntelliSkin® for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5″

By Bryden McGrath

March 14, 2019

Ideal for commercial fleets, work trucks, forklifts, and much more, GDS® Tech™ solutions are designed to protect and power your device in nearly any application. That’s why we’re excited to announce that IntelliSkin® is now available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5″ – with GDS® Dock™ accessories to follow soon.

IntelliSkin® sleeves provide protection for a wide range of phones and tablets, allowing users to securely charge, dock and sync devices using GDS® Technology. Accessories such as GDS® desktop and vehicle docks are fully compatible with any device wrapped in an IntelliSkin®, making the GDS® Ecosystem the perfect docking and charging solution for a range of businesses. When the time inevitably comes to upgrade your device, the standardized GDS® charging connector makes it easy so you can always use the latest technology.

Learn more about IntelliSkin®, the GDS® locking vehicle dock, and the compatible GDS® top cup for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5″ below.

IntelliSkin® with GDS® Technology

This drop-tested protective sleeve features GDS® Technology for charging and syncing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5″ tablet. Featuring an integrated GDS® connector molded directly into the sleeve, IntelliSkin® prevents damage to the device’s charging port caused by repetitious docking.

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GDS® Locking Vehicle Dock

This dual spring-loaded, quick-release cradle offers a secure fit and GDS® charging capabilities for any Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5″ tablet wrapped in an IntelliSkin® sleeve.

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GDS® Top Cup for Vehicle Docks

If you already own a GDS® vehicle dock, there’s no need to purchase another – simply modify your existing dock with this top cup. It’s designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5″ tablet protected with IntelliSkin®.

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Find out more about the GDS® Ecosystem and the new consortium impacting the mobile market with the latest GDS® Tech catalog.

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