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Now Available: RAM® EZ-Roll’r™ Cradle for SPOT X

Now Available: RAM® EZ-Roll’r Cradle for SPOT X

By RAM Mounts

February 1, 2019

RAM® EZ-Roll'r™ cradle for the SPOT X

Editor’s note: this product is now available for purchase.

Big news, SPOT users: the RAM® EZ-Roll’r cradle for the SPOT X two-way satellite messenger is almost here.

This form-fitting cradle secures the SPOT X and allows for easy single-handed docking and removal of the device. Additionally, this version of the RAM® EZ-Roll’r was designed specifically for the SPOT X. That means all buttons and the device’s power port remain fully accessible.

Learn more about how this cradle is RAM® Mounts Compatible below, and sign up to find out when the RAM® EZ-Roll’r cradle for the SPOT X becomes available for purchase:

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SPOT X: RAM® Mounts Compatible

SPOT X RAM® Torque™ with RAM® EZ-Roll'r™ cradleThis RAM® EZ-Roll’r cradle features an attachment point for RAM® diamond ball bases, letting you connect the cradle to a huge range of RAM® double socket arms and mounts. For instance, you can take advantage of the RAM® Torque small rail base (pictured right).

Other great mounting options include the RAM® Twist-Lock suction cup, the RAM® Stubby cup holder base, flex adhesive bases, and the RAM® Tough-Track.

Have a previous SPOT model? Check out all the mounting options and narrow down by your specific device.

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