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Now Available: GDS® Audio™ Amplified Speaker

Now Available: GDS® Audio Amplified Speaker

By RAM Mounts

January 14, 2019

GDS® Audio™ amplified speaker

Editor’s note: this product is now available for purchase.

The new amplified, hardwired GDS® Audio speaker is the perfect solution for in-cab devices with limited volume capabilities.

Available later this winter, this speaker allows for up to 93dB of amplified audio feedback from the connected device while requiring no batteries. Compatible with electronic devices with a mono audio jack, the GDS® Audio speaker also includes built-in overcurrent, short circuit, and overvoltage protection. To change the volume, simply twist the knob on the top.

As part of the GDS® Ecosystem, this speaker is an ideal match with a wide variety of GDS® vehicle docks. See below for RAM® Compatible mounting solutions, and sign up to be among the first to know when the GDS® Audio amplified speaker becomes available for purchase:

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RAM® standard bracket adapter with GDS® vehicle dock and speakerRAM® Mounts Compatible Products

The GDS® Audio amplified speaker can be mounted along with any GDS® vehicle dock using the RAM® bracket adapter.

Just install the bracket between the cradle and the ball base using the included hardware. Supporting portrait and landscape placement, both the short (8.99″ in length) and standard (10.81″ in length) versions feature four spaced AMPS hole pattern sets and a set of holes for attaching a diamond base:



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