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RAM® Employee Adventures: Off Roading at Naches Trail

RAM® Employee Adventures: Off Roading at Naches Trail

By RAM Mounts

September 21, 2018

With RAM® Mounts being located in Seattle, we’re surrounded by water, forests, and mountains – world-class outdoor activities are just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

That’s why we’re excited to start featuring RAM® employee adventures. RAM® employees use the products they design, build, market, and sell in their daily lives, often coming up with new hacks and new uses depending on the activity.

Off Roading at Naches Trail in the Cascades

To start off, we’re highlighting the off roading adventure of four RAM® employees – Lance, Ben, Nick, Michael, and friends.

They headed out to Naches Trail, an old pioneer route traversed by wagons back in the mid-1800s. Located in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, some vehicles being more stock than the others made this a fun 4×4 challenge as they made their way through the old growth forest and scenery. The trail included roots, rocks, and flex sections with some three-wheeling along the way.

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Photos courtesy of Lance Hanson.

GoPro Mount on Canopy Tracks and Cross Bars

Utilizing the Thule canopy tracks, Lance was able to attach the RAM® 1″ Track-Ball™ via the stainless steel T-bolt. With a short arm and the RAM® universal action camera adapter, the setup was complete. This dependable track mounting solution provides stability as well as vibration damping for your device.

RAM Mounts universal action camera adapter on Thule canopy tracks

Mounting CB and Ham Radios

There are multiple ways to secure your CB or ham radio in the cab while keeping your cup holders free to use for, well, drinks.

Michael uses the RAM® X-Grip® universal holder for his ham radio, making it easy to swap out with a phone when your radio isn’t in use. For Nick’s Cobra CB mic, he takes advantage of the RAM® Tough-Box™ clip base connected to a diamond base and RAM® Twist-Lock™ suction cup.

RAM Mounts Tough-Box mic clip for Cobra CB

What are your favorite RAM® Mounts to use for off roading and overlanding? Let us know in the comments!

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