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Inflatable Boats and Watercraft: How to Mount Your Device or Drink

Inflatable Boats and Watercraft: How to Mount Your Device or Drink

By RAM Mounts

September 19, 2018

Whether fishing, floating, or whitewater rafting, the versatility and portability of inflatable boats and inflatable watercraft make these vessels very popular.

Unfortunately, the material inflatables are made of – PVC or Hypalon – make them slightly more difficult to find mounting bases for securing rod holders, phones, action cameras, and more. But with the RAM® ball and socket system, it’s as simple as choosing an adhesive solution like the RAM® Bond-A-Base or a strap base with a connected RAM® ball.

Check out the options below to see how you can keep your favorite devices safe and accessible on the water.

RAM® Bond-A-Base

For all kinds of inflatable boats and rafts, the RAM® Bond-A-Base is an ideal universal mounting solution. The flexible base can be applied to any PVC or Hypalon watercraft surface thanks to the included 3M VHB double back adhesive pad.

Adhesive RAM® Bond-A-Base with RAM ROD® Spline Post Base

RAM Bond-A-Base Spline Post with RAM Tough-Track

This version of the RAM® Bond-A-Base features a RAM ROD® plunger base for spline posts, allowing you to easily attach any RAM ROD® fishing rod holder. It also allows the attachment of any spline post extension, such as the RAM® Tough-Pole camera mount. With the RAM® Tough-Pole, you can connect your favorite action camera to record your adventures on the water.

Adhesive RAM® Bond-A-Base with RAM® Tough-Track

RAM Bond-A-Base with RAM Tough-Track for inflatables

This 7.25″ composite RAM® Tough-Track attaches to the RAM® Bond-A-Base to provide an excellent track mounting system for your inflatable watercraft. Combined with the RAM® Tough-Ball (pictured above), you can take advantage of a wide variety of device holders including:

  • Phones
  • Action cameras
  • Cup holders
  • Fishfinders
  • Paddle clips

RAM® Strap Base

For inflatables including personal fishing pontoons and kayaks, this strap base is easy to connect. Available with either a B or C size ball, you can attach a fishing rod holder or nearly any device.

Find more mounting solutions by checking out the latest edition of the RAM® Paddlesports Catalog.

Featured image: RAP-398-BLK-TRACK-AU + RAM-B-132BU + RAM-B-201U-C

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