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Mount Your Favorite Devices with RAM® for 2019 Yamaha WaveRunners

Mount Your Favorite Devices with RAM® for 2019 Yamaha WaveRunners

By RAM Mounts

August 28, 2018

Big news, WaveRunner fans: the 2019 Yamaha FX Series WaveRunner models now come standard with a multi-mount system compatible with RAM® Mounts.

That means you can easily mount all your favorite devices and accessories by attaching the RAM® Tough-Ball and compatible arms and device cradles. Learn more by watching the below video from Yamaha and read on to find out how you can mount your favorite devices.

Yamaha’s Multi-Mount System

While Yamaha’s multi-mount system is standard on 2019 FX WaveRunner models, the flagship FX Limited SVHO features an accessory tech package that includes:

  • 2 RAM® Tough-Ball mounts
  • ECOXGEAR® waterproof and wireless Bluetooth® speakers
  • Garmin® Striker GPS fishfinder with transducer

The RAM® Tough-Ball simply screws into the WaveRunner’s multi-mount system, attaching to RAM® short arms that can conveniently be adjusted with the twist of a knob.

Customize Your Setup with RAM®

Speakers and a fishfinder are must-haves out on the water, but you can mount nearly any device with various RAM® mounting solutions.

If you want to bring along your phone for photos and videos while jet skiing, check out the popular RAM® X-Grip® phone holder. Each of these holders comes with a safety tether to keep your phone secure and stable on the waves. For action cameras including GoPro® devices, look to the RAM® universal action camera adapter – designed to dampen shock and vibration to help extend the life of your device.

What other devices do you love having out on the water? Let us know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Mount Your Favorite Devices with RAM® for 2019 Yamaha WaveRunners”

  1. You list a Size “C” ball mount that is compatible with the Waverunner, but then you mentioned accessories that use a Size “B” mount. How do you actually make this work? The phone mounts and the action cam mounts need a size “B” mount.

    1. Hi Jason, apologies – that was an oversight on our part. We’ve updated the Tough-Ball link to the B size product page. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Can someone explain to me exactly what I need to make this work on a waverunner? We have a 2019, and I see where the ball attaches, but what piece do I use to attach the speaker itself to the ball? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Brittany, you’ll want to check what kind of thread your speaker has and then get the compatible RAM® Tough-Ball™. You’d then connect the two ball mounts with a short double socket arm. Feel free to reach out to our team directly at [email protected] and they’ll be able to recommend the exact components you need.

  3. Hi can you tell me the thread and size for the ram ball mount that screws into the cup holder or a part number, I’d like to order one. Thanks

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