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The RAM® Track-Node Adjustable Base: A New Twist for Action Cameras and Fishing Rod Holders

By RAM Mounts

July 26, 2018

Looking for a highly adjustable track base solution for your action camera or fishing rod holder? Then look no further than the new RAM® Track-Node base.

Accommodating both RAM® fishing rod holders and the RAM® Tough-Pole action camera mount, this base is compatible with the RAM® Tough-Track and most third-party track mount systems. To install, simply slide the RAM® Track-Node base into a track mount system thanks to the connected T-Bolt and turn the circular knob to tighten in place. For 360 degree rotation, loosen the circular knob and easily swing your action camera or rod holder in and out of your vessel.

Now available for purchase, see all the action camera and fishing rod holder mounting kits below. Or check out the standalone RAM® Track-Node adjustable base (coming soon) to modify your existing setup.

RAM® Track-Node Adjustable Base for Action Cameras

Each kit below includes a friction washer, allowing you to attach the RAM® Track-Node base to the RAM® Tough-Pole action camera mount.

Choose from the single extension version or the double extension version. The RAM® universal action camera adapter – compatible with GoPro – connects directly to the underside of the camera, replacing the factory mounting bracket.

RAM Tough-Pole Camera Mount with Single Pipe and RAM Track-Node Base   RAM Tough-Pole Camera Mount with Double Pipe and RAM Track-Node Base

RAM® Track-Node Adjustable Base for Fishing Rod Holders

With the included RAM® Pin-Lock washer, attach a RAM® fishing rod holder to the RAM® Track-Node base. Choose from the RAM ROD®, RAM ROD® HD, RAM ROD® JR, and RAM® Tube Jr. depending on your rod and favorite fishing environment.

RAM ROD HD Fishing Rod Holder with RAM Track-Node Base   RAM ROD Fishing Rod Holder with Extension Arm and RAM Track-Node Base
RAM Tube Jr Rod Holder with Extension Arm and RAM Track-Node Base   RAM ROD JR Fishing Rod Holder with RAM Track-Node Base

The RAM® Track-Node base might be our newest track solution, but it’s certainly not alone. Learn more about the wide range of available RAM® track systems and bases.

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