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Mount of the Month: RAM<small><sup>®</sup></small> Speaker/Microphone Bracket Adapter

Mount of the Month: RAM® Speaker/Microphone Bracket Adapter

By RAM Mounts

June 5, 2018

Out on the road, the inside of a truck cab can be a noisy place. With more and more technology in the cab due to the ELD mandate, a tablet’s mic and speakers can easily be drowned out.

That’s where the RAM® Speaker/Microphone Bracket comes in. As an add-on to your existing RAM® Tab-Tite or RAM® Tab-Lock cradle, this bracket allows you to easily attach an external speaker, microphone, or other accessory.

To learn more, see the Q&A below:

Mount of the Month Q&A: RAM® Speaker/Microphone Bracket

What’s the RAM® Speaker/Microphone Bracket used for?

This bracket allows speakers, microphones and accessories with the popular AMPS hole pattern to be attached as part of your existing RAM® Tab-Tite or RAM® Tab-Lock cradle.

What does it do?

This is a convenient vehicle mounting solution when a microphone is needed or a tablet’s built-in speakers aren’t loud enough for the cab. The bracket allows you to attach a speaker, microphone and other accessories near your device while supporting both portrait and landscape placement.

How’s it work?

Compatible with any RAM® Tab-Tite or RAM® Tab-Lock cradle, the bracket installs between the cradle and the ball base and features four spaced AMPS hole pattern sets that allow for various mounting heights. Vertical and horizontal holes also allow for attaching a diamond base.

What else should I know?

This powder-coated bracket is made of stamped steel and is offered in short (8.99″) and standard (10.81″) lengths. In addition, hardware is included for attaching the bracket to the cradle.

When is it available?

The RAM® Speaker/Microphone Bracket is available now:

RAM Standard Speaker Microphone Bracket   RAM Short Speaker Microphone Bracket

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