Gaming for Everyone: How to Mount the New Xbox Adaptive Controller
Gaming for Everyone: How to Mount the New Xbox Adaptive Controller

Gaming for Everyone: How to Mount the New Xbox Adaptive Controller

By RAM Mounts

May 17, 2018

Xbox Adaptive Controller RAM Mounts WheelchairWith the new Xbox Adaptive Controller, Microsoft is making gaming accessible for everyone.

At RAM® Mounts, we’ve long believed that our mounts can act as inclusive solutions for those who are often overlooked. That’s why we’re proud to stand with Microsoft in empowering every person. As the exclusive mounting partner of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, we’re excited to introduce accessible gaming mounts for people with limited mobility.

First, learn more about the Xbox Adaptive Controller in the video below. Then see how you can create and customize your ideal setup. From all-in-one kits for wheelchairs with track systems to universal body mounts and individual compatible components, RAM® allows you to mount and position your controller at the perfect angle.

Microsoft Introduces the Xbox Adaptive Controller



How to Mount the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Three threaded inserts on the underside of the controller allow for attachments, meaning you can mount the controller to a wheelchair, lap board, desk, and more. Our compatible diamond base adapter becomes the starting point for all of the below Xbox Adaptive Controller mounting kits. And when you’re not using the controller, the versatility of the RAM® Mounts system allows you to instead mount a phone or tablet cradle.

RAM® Tough-Claw Mount with Double Socket Swivel Arm

Clamp the small RAM® Tough-Claw mount to your wheelchair – as well as rails, bars and flat surfaces – to enable use of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The controller attaches directly to the included RAM® diamond base adapter.

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RAM® Body Mount Kit

Easily strap the RAM® universal body mount to your leg, arm or abdomen. The Xbox Adaptive Controller attaches directly to the included RAM® diamond base adapter, allowing gamers to adjust the controller for the most comfortable positioning.

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RAM® Wheelchair Seat Track Mount

With the included universal hardware pack, this track mount will attach to most major wheelchair brands that feature a seat track system. It includes a 9″ extension pole connected to a short double socket arm for near-infinite adjustability.

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Wheelchair Seat Track Mount

RAM® Wheelchair Arm Track Mount

This track mount also includes a universal hardware pack to attach to most major wheelchair brands that feature an arm track system. The double socket swivel arm allows for a 90-degree tilt to position the controller at the best angle.

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Want to build your own custom mounting solution for the Xbox Adaptive Controller? Or add-on to your existing RAM® Mounts system? Choose from a variety of individual adaptive components.

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